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In Eyesore, Fashion Police, Image Post, Reviews, Silly Posts on May 11, 2007 at 1:48 am

And when I thought the world is beginning to wake-up and finally smell the moth balls from the seventies… a new trend begins and it’s nowhere near good.

Behold, the cheaply-imitated, confusingly-created and mind-blowingly-disturbing… “VICTORIAN-INSPIRED” top.

Wrong, Milady

TOP, they say. So what do you wear underneath? A pair of skinny jeans? Leggings? Oh my God. I nearly fainted when this image flashed before me on my computer. How do you wear this ruffle-lace-ribbons-floral-fuckfest? Please don’t tell me, let me imagine.

Hang on…

Hold on…

In a minute…


I can’t bring my mind into even TOLERATING this dress-top-whatchamacallit. An insult to the Victorian era, an abuse to lace, a dead wrong interpretation on how florals should be used… and a total waste of beautiful ribbons.

For the love of fashion, good taste, style and everything good… please ladies, bear with me. Should you decide to wear this kind of dress-top-whatchamacallit, you might as well tell your partner to grow a mullet, wear baggy jeans and gold accessories.

Dang, I knew I shouldn’t be online-windowshopping at this kind of hour.

  1. *gasp in horror*
    maybe they are supposed to wear it during The Dark Ages

  2. It’s more dutch lady look-alike or farm girl actually.

  3. stella: yeah. literally. geez i still have goosebumps everytime i see this picture.

    Devi Girsang: in that case, it’s also a disgrace to every Dutch lady and farm girls everywhere too.. ahahahahakahkahkhk. there are many opinions about this junk, some says it’s Victorian-inspired, some says it was derived from what Marie Antoinette used to wear… and i chose to go with ‘ARGH!!’

  4. Miund dear…. honestly only having this as a dress pun, daku tak sudiiiiiii 😉

  5. Ibeth: you’re thinking of HAVING it? my eyes are irritated just by looking at it 😀 udah sembuh bu?

  6. Really creeps me up. 🙂 I can imagine myself wearing some bohemian outfit, but not this “Victorian” thingy… Makes me wanna spew it all.

    Nice chatting with you. Keep in touch, girlfriend.

  7. Jennie: 😀 and it was a pleasure chatting with you as well, Jennie!

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