Sinfully Single

In Daily Annoyance, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on May 10, 2007 at 12:24 am

“Well we will be doing this and this, and also a little of these as treatments to the show”
“I see.  Are you married, young lady?”

Caught off-guard.

“No, Ma’am.  Is there any problem?”
“Well you see, I don’t think you can well-understand the show if you aren’t married and do not have a child of your own”

Well isn’t that FAIR.

When dealing with clients, the number one rule is to smile and have a Ja en Amen attitude because, heck, they are after all… clients.  They should get what they want because they are the ones paying.  They should be kings and we are automatically their slaves once the contract is being signed.  Therefore, they are free to point fingers and judge us because we are single.  And that, of course, is fairer than fair because they rule and we have to obey.

You know I’ve always loved people who thinks singletons are egotistical creatures who could care less about important things such as having a family.  And yes, singletons must be punished because they are second-class citizens of this country -in fact ANY country in this happy and perfect world.  Singletons spend so much time shopping for unnecesarry items such as designer bags with huge locks, high heels that cost too much and skinny jeans they can still fit to without having to worry so much about their looks since they look real fine.  Singletons like me shop for teeny tiny bras with vivid colors so that whenever we wear tank tops, the straps show flirtily and boy it really helps us have fun with boys and older men with money.

I have to agree with these people who thinks we can never do anything well because we’re single.  We have too much fun stuff to deal with and of course we can never concentrate on building a career when we’re having so much fun!

How silly have I been to even say once that I am actually proud to be a single young woman whose breasts are still up and perky.  Dang.  I should be ashamed.  I should never flaunt them and should really wait until they’re saggy because of breastfeeding.  Yeah.  How silly have I been to love flaunting my curly hair… even dyed it flaming red to show how great it looks to people.  Oh my God, I should’ve been electrocuted for my shameless acts.

So single women everywhere, please bear with me.  It is WRONG to be single.  If you hate being asked ‘so when are you getting married?’, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, sister.  Apparently nowadays, being single and childless is a professional parameterBeing single justifies automatically that you are NOT capable on doing your job.

Oh no, I’m not venting or anything.

I’m posting this just so y’all don’t get caught off-guard like I did.  Out of all the embarrasment of being single, you really don’t need another one.  Especially in a very important meeting.


  1. sabar ya, mbak…

  2. does this mean you’re encouraging me to go to the spermatorioum like i’ve always planned? 😀 so at least i’m single with a child.

  3. how about having a boyfriend and a child
    if i was in that condition, i’m not single and not childless.
    i guess it would still be wrong rite?

  4. alien: sabar beneeerrr… hahahakhakhakhakhk…

    cha: not encouraging, but make sure you pick the right seeds if you do go to one someday! hahahakahakhakhk!

    ste: that is wrong according to the lady with the judging look on her face, dear. gosh, never knew that small minds still exist in big companies. such a sad sad phenomenon, don’t you think?

  5. […] tomorrow I’m scheduled for an end-of-day pre production meeting with *yeah you guessed it* the clients who aren’t too crazy of the fact that I am single. Oh well, if it’s finished before the malls close, I’d pay an impromptu visit to a […]

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