Good Dream Bad Dream

In Silly Posts, Weird Philosophy on May 9, 2007 at 11:14 am

It is hard to be perceived as somebody who is ‘modern’, because when you get ‘traditional’, people would never believe you. They’d even laugh at your face.

I grew up never realizing that Javanese morals and values are very strongly attached to me until very recently. I dress (sometimes) ‘provocatively’, talk loud and sometimes obnoxiously, uses English too much sometimes people around me gets annoyed (and I never get why they are sometimes annoyed like this). But little do these people know that I understand the meaning of ‘mutih’, ‘weton’ and other Javanese ‘peripherals’ that may be hard to understand for wider audience outside my house. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I tolerate people who does. I never did any fasting to clean up my soul as most Javanese do, but I think I have to start learning when I’m older. And as much as I’d love to elope and get married by the beach, I guess won’t be peaceful until I’m sure that I’ll have a full Javanese ceremony for my wedding. Uh huh, shocking.

It was just about last week I dropped by my old office to see my good friend Mr. J. See, I had a freakishly bad dream about him and was worried sick about his life. Not gonna tell what my dream is about, because it was downright scary. And it disturbed me so much that I just got to go there and see for myself that he’s okay. Thank God he didn’t laugh nor make fun of my concerns and the reason behind it, he just made sure that I know he’s healthy, alive and kickin’.

People say ‘bad dreams are in reverse in reality’. Okay, so if we dream of somebody being dead, he or she will be blessed with a long life. But what’s the opposite of ‘dying’? Don’t tell me it’s ‘living’ because it just does NOT make any sense and it’s lame. We are living, that is partly why we dream. I didn’t bother to look up the interpretations of my dream, because it would make me go bananas if it indeed meant something bad. I just had to make sure everything is ok by myself.

Now -again- you may ask me why I got all freaked out just because of a dream.

I have my own reasons. In the past, dreams have always been kind of a signal for me. Not necessarily warning me about the future, sometimes it made me reflect on things that had already happened… and how I can correct or make things better in the future. There were a couple of dreams I’ve had that actually helped some people to correct things they did wrong. And that is why I kinda ‘believed’ in my own dreams.

I once said this to a friend:

“Why is it so hard to understand where I came from?”

And I got a shrug as a response. My parents couldn’t answer this question as well. They only told me that I should be thankful for being blessed with a knowledge (although maybe very small) of a very rich culture. So if people don’t understand, it’s okay and I don’t need to feel out of place. When I asked my parents whether this cultural thing has anything to do with my religious beliefs, they stated firmly that it’s just culture and that I was born with it and that I should always respect it without mixing it up with my belief in God.

So, friends, if I pop up at your offices without warning with a concerned look on my face… bear in mind that I am nowhere near being a ‘dukun’. Like I told Mr. J a week ago:

“I’m just being Javanese”

  1. being Javanese is as good as being Balinese šŸ™‚

  2. we, chinese people take dreams seriously too. i had to cut my hair when i dreamed about me losing my teeth. because dreaming about losing your teeth is bad luck.
    well, i dont know if this is a common thing, but this happens a lot in my family, usually some dead family members would bring messages for us, sometimes good news and sometimes warnings, in our dreams. post having this kind of dream we usually go to temples to thank or to ask for more signs.
    sometimes i feel ashamed for not really knowing my culture i’m quite lucky to still have older family members to learn from šŸ™‚

  3. whenever i have bad dreams i’d ‘smoke it away’ with a cigarette šŸ™‚ i personally think that dreams (good or bad) mean nothing. if you’re having a good dream and you’re in luck and if you’re having a bad one… well, it’s just a dream.

  4. nightmares — as in horror movie type, in which you’re chased by ghouls — don’t really affect me for too long. i’ll just wake up in the middle, shiver a bit, and continue sleeping, and usually get into a different dream. when i wake up the next day, i’ll forget it.

    but once i dreamed about my father getting involved with another woman — it terribly affected me. i was kinda disgusted and couldn’t bear seeing him for the next several days. poor daddy… hehhehe…

  5. i dream everyday, eh, every time i close my eyes. that mean even i accidentally sleep in the middle of class or my office i can had a dream. thats why i cant relate my dream as any sign. but my friend who very rare had dream, will take it seriously when she had any dream.
    for me dream is more something you repress in da real world, it will come out dream world. it like a confirmation of sumtin you never admited.

    and yes, we are just part of ‘javanese culture.. šŸ˜€

  6. anima: yeah i imagine being Balinese is somewhat similar to being Javanese. ribet tapi seru ya bo… haahahkahakhakk

    stella: i heard about that. my Chinese friends do take their dreams seriously. i guess the Chinese strong culture is rather difficult to understand too for non-Chinese. and i am also lucky that the elders in my family aren’t stingy in sharing their knowledge about Javanese culture.

    bebe: ah. my marlboro man šŸ™‚ mwah!

    lenje: see even the silliest dream could affect you. and you don’t even have to be Javanese! hahakahakhakahkk!

    Lila: you can dream everytime you close your eyes? wow. as for me, i dream only when i’m too tired or having so many things in my head.

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