Would You Rather…

In Imagination Gone Amok, Randomness, Silly Posts on May 4, 2007 at 1:23 am

… have a tail or a pair of horns?
… have a unibrow or be furry?
… have three eyes or four ears?
… be extra tall or extra short?
… spit when you talk or sweat mercilessly doing nothing?
… have fins to swim or wings to fly?

Just some random thoughts before bed. I would rather…

… have a pair of horns -this way I don’t have to do much when having a bad hair day, I’ll just flaunt the horns!
… have a unibrow – girls, they CAN be trimmed
… have three eyes – freaky but cool!
… be extra tall – so I can be a supermodel 😉
… spit when I talk- because sweating while doing nothing is really annoying
… have wings to fly – I can swim very well without fins, anyway…

So people, if you see a really tall girl with a pair of horns, a unibrow, a pair of wings on her back who spits when she talks…

… it might just be me.


  1. i think i’d rather have a tail, it could be handy. have 3 eyes, one at the back. unibrow because it was a trend it might going to be a trend again sometimes in the future. extra tall so i can kiss my bebe easily. sweating while doing nothing, because…sweating is just sexy 🙂 and of course… wings to fly.

  2. a tail? handy? for WHAT?
    unibrow? was it ever a trend?

    wow, bebe you really surprise ME! hahahahahahaha!!!

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