The Higher-Ups

In Imagination Gone Amok, Randomness, Silly Posts on May 4, 2007 at 10:36 am

There are three things I never fully ‘get’ in this life:

1. Death
2. Love
3. The Higher-Ups

I’m shutting my mouth for the first two because nobody could ever give me a satisfactory answer when I ask questions like: “What really happens after death?” or “loving somebody too much: could it really kill?”. That is why I’m just going to ponder on the last subject.

From the day I remember seeing my mother taking off to her office in our little minibus when I was small, I was told that she has to go to the office to work. To make money to feed me, pay for my fancy school, even buy me presents from time to time. She didn’t tell me there’s such thing as freaky as ‘the higher-ups’. The phantoms of the office.

When I started working, I came accross the term myself, and as a rookie I was told that I was one of the casualties of the ongoing office battle in the ‘higher-ups’ everytime I had to do things I don’t like such as: staying up late doing scripts or having to work on weekends. My simple mind travels through the office cubicles and when it returns it said to me:

“Before we get into finding out what ‘battle’ that made you suffer, I just couldn’t seem to figure out… who are these higher-ups they are talking about?”

See that’s my point. When I worked in a multi-national company, the higher-ups’ every move seemed to affect my everyday. It came to a point where I thought: ‘Okay, I have to make nice with so and so to get what I need because the higher-ups woke up on the wrong side of the bed today’. Or: ‘Wow, a bonus! Maybe the higher-ups are happy, most probably in love…’

And I’ve never even seen these ‘higher-ups’ before in my life until this minute.

That’s only about the non-existent ‘higher-ups’. The ‘lower-downs’ have interesting stories of their own. Some snatch their colleague’s works and claim credits for themselves. Some act extra nice to be the boss’ favorite. Some would stop at nothing to get what they want. And some -although ambitious, choose to pretend they don’t care about things happening around them, but actually watching really closely with eyesight sharper than anybody else’s.

But as closely as I watched back then, I could never find ‘the higher-ups’. So weird.
When you climb higher in your career, you no longer are the casualty… you become one of the ‘pawns’ in the office politics game. It’s like… the so-called ‘higher-ups’ wants to take a closer look at you, and make your life messier than it already is. And the perk is: you still don’t know who these people they call ‘the higher-ups’ are.

And then you resign from your work, move on to another company and keeping in touch with your old friends. You’d think you’d find out who these higher-ups who messed up your life when you were still working in your old company. But yet, you could never find who these people are and why their sneezes could affect your success and prosperity.

Now that I’ve moved on, I wanna meet these ‘higher-ups’ in my old company and have lunch with them. Maybe in the middle of the lunch, I’ll tell something really funny that one of them would laugh and snort wine through his or her nostrils. Maybe there and then, one of their rookies down there would get stuck in their position for a very long time and not getting any raise for three years. Yeah, just because some ‘higher-ups’ snorted wine. And then maybe, I’d be in peace about this whole higher-ups thing. Yeah. Maybe.

  1. I never thought that there is such a particular ‘higher-ups’ in a work place. Is there really?

  2. Sil: in every so-called ‘international’ company, there are, apparently. and no, i don’t know where they are. maybe they’re stored in timbuktu 😀

  3. if they are stored in Timbuktu i would’ve known, i live there 😐

  4. hahahahah what are the odds that somebody from timbuktu actually reads this blog

  5. but yea i didn’t know about this at all until you mentioned it. i think if this was “prison break” the higher ups would be “the company” hahaha

  6. timbuktu?with donald duck?

  7. anima: is your surname ‘duck’ by any chance? hahaahhahahahaaa!

    bebe: ‘the company’ indeed! haha!

    stella: ‘with’? i think he’s one of the ducks 😀

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