Picture Perfect?

In Daily Annoyance on May 2, 2007 at 4:55 pm

I’ve always thought that line from that Bread song is full of crap.

“If a picture paints a thousand words…”

But these days I -as many might expected- have to chew my own words yet again. Enter the new picture in this blog, MSN ID, Yahoo Messenger and Friendster profile. I don’t play favorites with my pictures, yeah. As I might have mentioned in this post, the picture triggered some reactions. Although all of them are positive, there are also some odd comments. Some odd comments found in my offline messages at YM:

“You look very pretty. Any plastic surgery, lately?”
“Hi Miund, I was wondering, is that… uh… YOU?”
“Are you a model now?”
“Hey beautiful, been a long time. Care for some coffee?”

Et cetera.

I found it really interesting at first, but after swallowing down the delight, I found myself filled with (strangely) disgust, which led me to ask myself (and now the world):

Was I really THAT ugly?

I mean, come on. This isn’t another vanity post. This is merely a natural question tossed by somebody who hasn’t been complimented about the look for quite some time. People almost always refer to me as:

– The funny girl
– The witty girl
– The silly girl
– The chubby girl

Never the pretty girl. And I never expected to be one, anyway. To me, being funny is way better than being pretty. It indicates that I am nowhere near the ‘boring girl’ species, and that is always a huge relief.

And yeah, I’ve never been referred to as ‘the ugly duckling who turned into swan’, because as far as I know, I am still the ugly duckling I once was. A funny ugly duckling who walks the walk and shakes her beak whenever she tells a joke, that is.

So to answer the random queries in my Yahoo Messenger:

– Thank you and Thank God I don’t need plastic surgery just yet -not implying that I want one in the future-
– Yes… that’s uh… ME. Got a problem with that?
– No I’m not a model. But I always aim to be a model citizen to my country. *insert snort here*
– No thanks, dude. Caffeine is bad for my beauty and no, I’m not available for ‘casual dates’ now.

I thank all of you for the compliments, but seriously… if I were ever that ugly:  kemane aje jaman gue ‘jelek’ dulu booooooooooooooooo!!! 

Tsk. Can’t believe how people, even the ones around me can be so superficially annoying.

  1. well, thank God that i met you after you got pretty 🙂

  2. who invited your for a coffee now?

  3. haha it’s as if people only wanna be friends with you if you’re gorgeous. maybe if they’re friends with you and you tag along on one of their outings, it increases their popularity level. when, of course, everyone else only wants to hit on you 😛

  4. bebe: the invitation for coffee came from a person whom i don’t even remember adding in my YM which truly annoyed me. cunihin gituloh. hahahahaha…

    drie: yeah and i am saddened to find out that some of my so-called ‘friends’ have such superficiality. i appreciate the attention, but i just can’t stand the intentions behind it. maybe that’s why i could never become a celebrity. 😀

  5. and maybe that’s why i could 🙂

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