Mullet Talk

In Fashion Police, Image Post, Sarcasm, Silly Posts on April 25, 2007 at 2:43 pm

My friends say I’m obsessed with people with mullets. I, hereby, state that I am not obsessed (to have one). After years of observations, I just couldn’t get the logic of leaving just a strand of hair at the back of your head after you get a haircut. To me, it’s like leaving a strip of your bacon after finishing the whole big breakfast hoopla. Why?

I began visiting this website two years ago. Usually I just pop in for a lunchtime laugh, just whenever I’m forced to eat in my desk due toa hellish workload. The website features any kind of mullet one can think of. And yes, I’ve been thinking of building a similar one… or probably join forces with them, as I just realize that Indonesia has a huge fan base of mullets! I’ve forgiven Ryan Hidayat, Gito Gilas, Denny Malik and all the celebrities from the eighties for their temporary sanity of growing intense mullets in their heydays. Never quite get over Deddy Dores’ mullet as it still exists right now, but I have made my peace with it. What struck me cold was finding a mullet around the Blok M area just now resembling this one (gotta take the pic from mulletjunky.com as I forgot to take my camera with me):

Dude, seriously. What year is this, 1985?

I remember having a discussion with a group of friends -all from the ‘art’ circle, a couple of years ago regarding the mullets around us.

“What is the logic begind mullets?”
“You got me. It is not at all aestethically pleasing”
“Maybe it’s pleasing for some people. You know, like how Warhol is disturbing for some, but a delight for most”
“Dude, you’re comparing mullets to Warhol?”
“Why not? In terms of silliness, they’re about the same”
“Okay enough with the name-drop. Seriously. What’s so right about mullets that it doesn’t even get into the fashion wheel?”
“Yes, that’s what got me thinking too. The fashion wheel. We all know that platform shoes are back in better designs, the mod look is back in brighter colors, even skinny jeans made a huge comeback… but mullets? They’re never back in better forms because…”
“… they’ve never even been away?
“Exactly. And why?”

Well class, to end today’s Mullet Anthropology 101, I would like to extend a heartfelt message for young parents everywhere in the world. Consider this coming from someone who truly cares…

Child Abuse

You might think it’s cute, you might think it’s adorable. But ‘mulletizing’ your innocent child should be considered child abuse. Remember, you have every right to stay in the eighties and be ugly. But it’s the millenium and your children deserve better.

  1. i first met my best friend when we were still on kindergarten, he was mulletized by his parents. i didnt like him, didnt even talk to the kid. then he cut his mullet upon entering elementary and we became best friend until now 🙂

    conclusion: any mullet bearer and I can be friends, after they cut their mullet :p

    lets stop mulletization! maybe make an online petition for this?

  2. Gosh….. can’t help not to comment :p
    Agree with Anima, petition is a good idea. I can’t believe someone still think this mullet is interesting 😉 i don’t even want to dream to have one…

  3. anima: online petition? i’m thinking of a website where we can make fun of these mulletized people… 😀

    Ibeth: 😀 😀 😀 LOL!

  4. mulletbully.com

  5. LOL! I will not mulletize…

  6. Mullet, huh? I didn’t know it before, but it just sounds right and is absolutely descriptive. There are loads of them here in Malaysia. For students in the eighties, “buntut” – rat tail – is more popular, I guess? I had a friend whose rat tail was on the side, that he could hide it when teachers were around. He was pretty proud… yeah, cool…

    By the way, how did you find the website if you weren’t obsessed? 😀 LOL

  7. […] bisa jadi Tina Fey versi Indonesia, secara saya gak mungkin jadi Jerry Seinfeld karena saya benci mullet dan celana […]

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