The Attack of The Wrong Vintage Dresses

In Fashion Police, Girl Talk, Image Post, Reviews, Sarcasm on April 22, 2007 at 1:03 pm

This is the first post in this blog about fashion. I recommend reading with style.

So the deal is I’ve been down and out with what most Indonesian girls nowadays call ‘vintage’ dresses. From what I see in small boutiques adorning Kemang area nowadays, these so-called ‘vintage’ clothings are either:

1. Having very busy patterns that would make one go dizzy
2. Having the cut of what most grandmas would wear
3. In-accesorize-able, read: hell, with the busy patterns and lots of laces, who needs more accessory? And who the f*ck needs to add long pearl necklaces? It’s like adding lime juice to a cut wound. Ouch.
4. Proposing idea of making the wearers look like a goodie-two-shoes, but very often fail miserably and in the contrary, making the wearers look worse than their household assistants. Which is truly ironic and sad because their household assistants work days and nights to earn enough to have at least something to wear, while these supposedly pretty brats throw their parents’ money away for expensive new dresses made today with a faux vintage air that look awful.

White Shoes And The Couple’s Company

White Shoes and The Couple’s Company


Now it’s not about me hating the past. I adore my mom’s flare jeans, empire dresses and Indian tunics (that are looking mighty hot with my leggings today). But please, people. Let’s just make what’s on TV stay on TV. Let White Shoes and The Couple’s Company do all the vintage antics, because they happen to have created the image of a retro band. And it is called SHOWbusiness. Let’s just get back to the basic of fashion sanity:

What you think is good might not look good ON you

For the love of fashion and everything good, I am just feeling the strong urge to vocalize my concerns about today’s growing ugliness that slowly but surely smearing the cuteness of small little boutiques. We (fashionable) girls should be able to differ which dress is inspired by Audrey Hepburn and which Audrey would hope to be burnt in hell. Let’s hope we’ll see more of these…

The right vintage dress

And a hell lot less of these…

The OMG dress.

Observe the two dresses above. They came from the same era -the seventies-. But there is some serious case of annoyance in the bottom picture. What, I’m dying to ask, is so flattering about this turquoise thing that resembles more of a tent? It is not good for the upper body because it does not make the breasts look bigger, it makes the wearer look like she’s wearing a lifejacket underneath. And what’s up with the flimsy long sleeve? Do we need to expect a rabbit coming from underneath? Don’t get me started on the ruffles. And yes, the useless attempt of making this tent look like a dress by tying a ribbon on the waist. I really think the girl wearing this has got a nice body, but maybe not too much of sanity.

After keeping this bottled up for about six months, it feels effin’ good to finally let it out.


*pictures grabbed randomly from Google

  1. huahahaha

    this is really funny. I can’t stop laughing. Crazy post. But really cool

  2. thank you for visiting, Paul. it’s just that… i’ve visited your blog, yet i couldn’t leave a comment there about your new iPod because i’m not a blogspot owner. well, i’ll say it here:

    congrats on the new iPod 😀

  3. Anything vintage and antique creep me up…;) I’m a gothic kinda gal. Black, black, black, tan, grey, white, black. Streamlined, minimalistic. Beads OK, but black ones.

    Ruffles? Creep me up. Patterns? Creep me up.

    Thanks for this fashionista posting. Inspiring (but creeps me up). Ha haha .. 😉


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