On Pre-Wedding Pictures

In Randomness on April 22, 2007 at 3:30 pm

I never understand the purpose of pre-wedding photos.

Pre Wedding PictureFor those not familiar with what pre-wedding photos are, well those are the pictures of the bride and groom you’ll see along the reception hall in most Indonesian weddings, taken prior to the wedding showing how in love they are with each other (mostly in predictable poses). People pay a helluva money to get these done and, again, I don’t see the point. If it were meant to show how wonderful the bride-groom’s relationship is… it could… well… see, I’m at loss of words because I just don’t see the point. Sigh.

A photographer friend of mine once told me that he makes quite a lot of money and gets a free vacation taking pre-wedding photographs. He traveled to Bali, Australia, sometimes Europe, to take pictures of lovebirds soon to be wed. When I asked what’s the purpose of these pictures, he said and I quote, “To enhance the mood in the wedding reception”. Swallowed, although spat out again, when the wonderful pictures taken were smudged by a loud ‘Poco-poco’ song which was sang out of tune by a fat aunt in the reception. Enhance the mood my ass.

It might seem a little bit juvenile, but I’ve not able to stop myself from putting words into such photos whenever I attend Indonesian weddings. The more creative they are, the stronger the urge in me to comment on them. Below are the examples.

On couples riding a camel in a desert (oh this does exist. seriously)
Groom: “Look honey, we’re in a desert and as hot as it might seem, I am happy to be with you”
Bride: “Shut up sweetie, my make-up is melting. I know I look ‘natural’, but I really am wearing make-up and your attempt of wooing me in this kind of heat is really NOT helping”

On couples having a picnic in some park, drinking champagne
Bride: “Oh darling, I’ve always dreamt to share a romantic picnic with you in a park like this. Cheers to our future together”
Groom: “And I’ve always dreamt of doing this in Monas Park with you, without all the pollution, pickpockets and tukang ngamen swarming around us. Cheers to Jakarta and its impossible parks”

On couples kissing in front of international landmarks
Groom: “I love you, sweetie. I’d give you the Eiffel tower and the world.”
Bride: “Who cares about getting the stupid tower? What matters is that we’ve been here and that’s something to show off at the reception, right?”

On couples being all lovey dovey with an obvious fake background, with the standard ‘staring into the same unspecific out-of-frame object’ as to get the air of ‘looking into the future together’
Bride: “Baby, look at our future together. Isn’t it wonderful?”
Groom: “Future? What future? All I see is… wait, I don’t know what I’m seeing except for those backdrop rails on the ceilings and a crack on that wall. All I know is that my neck is stiff now”

People are getting more and more creative in taking these pre-wedding pictures. And the results aren’t bad at all. In fact, they are excellently and professionally done. But to have a special photo session to get these? I’d say it’s a little indulgent.

If I were to have a pre-wedding picture in my wedding one day (not implying that I want to because I don’t think I’d even want a huge reception), I’d put more sentimental touches in them. I’d display the first picture we took together, pictures from our previous vacations, even silly ones we take while waiting in line to see a movie. I wouldn’t just hop on a camel or a horse just to look like a princess that had finally found her prince, because it’s just going to be a pretty picture. There’ll be no story behind it and as beautiful as it will be, it’s just a dull picture.

My definition of pre-wedding pictures is pictures that are taken prior to the wedding, which means… all taken throughout the relationship. Showing them off is not a must, it’s an option. And if one opts to show them off, then one better do it in style.

I guess this post has strengthen my will in having a personal photographer following me everywhere and documenting things I do as I once explained here. Now that being said, I start to think that pre-wedding pictures are just made out of the excuse of living the dream of having a personal photographer. As for me, I don’t need one. I confessed already! 😀


  1. i cant agree more, miss miund.
    thank God, me and my mate agree not to have any of those artificial poses to be displayed on our reception.

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