A Narcissistic Post

In Image Post, Randomness, Silly Posts on April 22, 2007 at 5:37 pm

This is my third post today. How blog-productive someone is on a lazy weekend. Well, I just got a comment in my friendster page from Vivi, a long time friend whom I haven’t seen for quite some time now. She said:

… Asmara, kata orang sih kalo jatuh cinta,orng jadi cakepan..ehm.. BETUL say..Kamu tambah cakepan n feminin yah jelasnya sih..hehehe..gue ikut senang yah…

Loosely translated as:

… Asmara, people say that when you are in love, you’re more beautiful than ever. It’s TRUE, hon, you’re prettier and feminine. I’m happy for you…

My boyfriend came across a very ugly picture of mine a couple of weeks ago and I shrieked like mad when I found out. It was a candid picture of me, smoking in the fire escape stairs, looking very ugly and fat as hell. I never minded being fat, heck I’m still overweight until today, but the fact that my fat past is seen by my current beau? No way. Or, maybe later if I’m ready. It might be hard to understand, but yes, it was a big deal. Afterall, I’m just a girl.

So. Then or now?

Me 2003

2003: Pixie cut, 15 kilograms above ideal weight, not in love

Me 2007

2007: Short curly wurly cut, around 7 kilograms above ideal weight, very much in love

Apart from the love life, weight and hair, I see no difference. I’m as pretty as I was! 😀

Oh well. Speaking of vanity, it’s time to get a shower.

  1. lol, I wonder if I look better when im in love :p

  2. yeah you definitely look better now 🙂

  3. awww you’re so pretty ^^

  4. You’re not fat at all!!! What your ideal weight should be, 30 kgs? :p

  5. anima: go fall in love and find out! 😀
    bebe: of course i do. i’ve got you 😉
    ste: aaawww… thank you 🙂
    lenje: my ideal weight sould be 54 kgs to 56 kgs. am now around sixty-ish. hahaaaa… 😛

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