A Thought About Sanjaya

In My American Idol Addiction on April 21, 2007 at 2:10 pm

There is a reason why I haven’t written anything about American Idol for the past weeks. I promised myself to not write and cuss about how the show had become a ‘popularity contest’ rather than a talent-search as it was intended to be. My parameter? Sanjaya Malakar. I thought back then: ‘if this boy makes it into the top five, I’ll stop being a fan of the show’.

But when he got eliminated on Thursday, I couldn’t help but think…

The boy handled everything pretty well. And for that, he deserves a standing applause.

So I stood up in my room, and applauded Sanjaya’s braveness for the past ten weeks (if I hadn’t miscounted). He handled criticisms, controversies and much dislikes by swimming against the current. I think I would do the same. The only difference is, I’d do the same thing NOW, not back then when I was only seventeen. Heck, if I was Sanjaya, I’d quit the show in a snap, especially the time when the judges thought my hairdo is the only thing keeping me in the show.

Nadia Turner’s Punk StyleSanjaya’s Punk ‘DoBut Sanjaya didn’t. He appeared every week with a level of confidence that’s probably suited for twentysomethings (or in some cases, thirtysomethings). He didn’t even care when people around the world started talking about his outrageous punk ‘do that resembles Nadia Turner‘s attempt in season 4. He went out there on the stage, sang his best and listened to (most of the time) hurtful remarks from the judges.

Sanjaya won’t probably be a big star after Idols. But if William Hung had a success of his own, then I guess the door’s always open for this hair-conscious teenager with his famous million-dollar smile.

I just hope he opens the right door(s).

Good luck, Sanjaya Malakar, and thank you for bringing a rather unusual entertainment for the past weeks. I’m gonna miss your hairdos, seriously.

And now, let the real competition begin!

  1. yeah!!!
    I was really happy when he was finally out too…
    Thank God, America was stupid, but not THAT stupid…

    u were right about Sanjaya’s hairdos… It had been a habit to wanna know what Sanjaya’s hair would look like in the pas few weeks… but now that he’s gone, there’s no more weird hairdos…
    and also about him being tough at 17… He took everything really good…

    also, Haley was out too…
    so u were also right…
    Let the real competition begin…

    I’m voting for Phil or Chris to be out of the Idol this week…

  2. YAAAYYYYY!!! HE’S OUTTTTT!!! Finally, there is justice in this world! kekkekekekke….

    On the other hand, he’s become a celebrity now. He even appeared in the after-party of the White House Associated Press meeting (just saw his pics in the papers)!

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