Recent Findings!

In Uncategorized on April 18, 2007 at 11:18 am

Thanks to Ms. Silverlines, I spent all morning in front of my PC, still in my jammies, staring at the freaky picture I posted earlier, trying to find band and music artists names. Boy it was a freakin’ challenge. So here are the ones I’ve found myself. I’m not putting anything I don’t see with my own eyes, so there. Enjoy.

1. matchbox 20
2. blur
3. queen
4. eagles
5. gorillaz
6. smashing pumpkins
7. u2
8. blues brothers (well i only see men in their uniform)
9. led zeppelin
10. blind melon
11. alice in chains
12. the zombies
13. guns and roses
14. sex pistols
15. scissor sisters
16. silver spoon (isn’t this a KISS song?) <– oh well let’s just put it as KISS for now. I know a KISS when I see one!
17. radiohead
18. the jets
19. cornershop
20. deep purple (although not sure)
21. penny lane (again, a song by the beatles) <– now that I look closer, it’s FIFTY CENTS!
22. eels
23. yellowman
24. madonna
25. pet shop boys
26. the lemonheads
27. prince
28. eminem (yeah Sil. eminem indeed!)
29. the scorpions
30. the police (how can i miss that one?)
31. green day (yea Sil, this is pretty obvious! haha!)
32. shakatak
33. rolling stones
34. red hot chilli peppers
35. manic street preachers
36. the presidents of the USA
37. the cars
38. blondie
39. cowboy (there IS a band called ‘cowboy’. just google it! I’m too lazy to put the links!)
40. korn
41. whitesnake
42. cake

AGH! Anima is down to 47 at the moment and I’m still stuck at 42! HAAALLLPP!!! Dude, where did you spot those other bands?? Freak! Guess this is the time to take a cool shower and head to work. Will update if I see more! Hahahahakahahk…

  1. I still wonder which one is CAKE ?

  2. if you’ve found scorpions, you’ll find Cake in no time Sil! πŸ˜‰

  3. and till the end of the day, Im still stuck on 47. dang!

    oh and btw, shakatak? is that a band? O_o

  4. shakatak is a band, anima. find it on wikipedia πŸ˜‰

  5. wait, how the hell do they draw shakatak??? and there’s a band called “the cars”??? are they from europe?

  6. shakatak hint: do you see any shark pictures around you, bebe? πŸ˜€

  7. oh, shark attack! lol!

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