Math Whiz NOT

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I got this really funny forwarded e-mail from my boss.  We were sitting face to face in the meeting room a few days ago, him busy with his laptop and me busy with mine.  Suddenly his head popped out from behind the screen and smiling wickedly he said to me, “I’ve sent you an email.  Open it now.”  I was writing a show concept and said calmly, undistractedly, “Yeah?  If it’s not urgent, I’ll open it later.”  He started laughing and laughing, now really distracting me, and snorted, “Whatever you want.  You’re great at what you do now.  But I’m just trying to tell you… this is what probably would happen if you take a math and physics test.”

I got curious and opened up my email.  There are about six pictures attached, but I’m only gonna put three of the funniest here.




I laughed hysterically.  Yeah, that’s what probably would happen if I’m given a math test.  You know, back in grade school I have always been tempted to give such answers to such problems.

Golly gee thank the Lord I’m not a nuclear physicist…

  1. Well, I got like 8 images which I found totally crazy !!
    BTW, you should ask your boss what kind of test did he undertake in Economics?


  2. bwahahahakahkahakk… i think he just charmed the professors to their feet. he’s effin’ good with older people. they all adore him for reasons that aren’t quite visible to me. oh, older people AND the government officials too. man, if i have half his charm, i would use it to the max. God is fair. 😀 😀

  3. That’s the way I do math, what’s the matter with it?

  4. exactly, Herb. that’s the way i do it too. i can’t seem to see why people think it’s not right!

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