I’ve Found Some!

In Entertainment, Giggle To This!, Image Post, Me Likey on April 18, 2007 at 9:28 am

Well well.

I was really beat last night when I arrived back at the office after a LONG day of shooting outdoors. The original purpose was to finish a show rundown, pack up my laptop and go home to have a nice long shower, followed by a nice deep sleep. What happened was: finishing the show rundown whilst checkin’ out what went on in the blogsphere… and I (as usual) bumped into Ms. Silverlines’ blog… aaaannnddd found this:

Do You See Them?


Just another crazy-ass drawing, you say? Uh huh. But not if you look a bit closer. See, the game is to find as many band names as possible. Up until now I could only find about 20. And there are a lot more, as my friend Ms. Silverlines, had already found 34! No wonder I stayed up until about 8 in the office, just trying to figure out whether ‘Penny Lane’ is just a song or now has become a band’s name! Oh well. I got my long shower and my deep sleep not long after that, anyway 😉

This game isn’t that new, I got it on email a few months ago but didn’t really look into it. I think finding it on your own isn’t as much fun as when you share it in your blog. Hehehe!

Okay then people. Go squeeze your brains out!

  1. Uh oh ..
    The picture is indeed larger and clearer in the link that Anima sent ..

    Whomever made this image, is a music geniusssssssssss !

  2. yeah. and right about now i feel like smashing the pumpkins out of the genius for making me addicted! HAHA!

  3. I think it was made by the guys at the Virgin Records 😀

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