Fuck I’m Tired

In Silly Posts on April 16, 2007 at 9:07 pm

When I’m tired but still wants to blog… here’s what happens.

Got up at 5.30 this morning, headed on to Cibubur to meet up with my boss.  Bought self a fillet o’ fish at McDonalds for breakfast, and headed on to Depok.  Met up with very nice policewomen and policemen… began shooting, amazed by their bomb-disarming techniques, on to next location:  the shooting (yeah, real guns.  not cameras, this time) field.  Boss held a baloon in his hand while the female snipers shot him from a 15 meters distance.  Boy they were effin good.  I wonder why I’m not a female sniper.  Boss fell on his knee, overwhelmed, while I (and the rest of the team) laughed like crazy.  Commander of the Bomb Squad Force (whatever they call it) invited us to have lunch.  I was trapped with Boss, while the rest of the team headed on to Pasar Jumat and Serpong to shoot some more (with cameras, this time).  We had a huge Padang feast (I could not eat a lot, watching the stomach problem).  Finally it was over.  Trapped again in boss’ car, heading to his house.  He reports to his commander in chief (a.k.a wife), while I took the liberty of having a shower in his downstairs bathroom.  Yay.  Felt drowsy after a much-needed shower, boss and I headed back to the office.  Wanted so bad to sleep on the way but felt bad because he was driving.  So I listened to him telling me a story about Syriana (George Clooney’s new movie – geez I’m even too lazy to put links) while trying so hard to keep my eyes open. Back at the office at 5.00 p.m and started right away doing the rundowns and scripts for Wednesday’s live and taped shows.  Now it is 9.05 p.m and my dad just arrived to pick me up.  Wish me luck for tomorrow I will start the day at about 5.30 a.m again and would probably end the day this time-ish.

Uh huh.  No paragraphs.  No links.  No pics.  Fuck.  I am bloody tired.  Good night y’all.

  1. my bebe is le tired…

  2. what a day. syriana is new over there?? is pretty old here…

  3. bebe: le tired indeed. je veux dormir all day long, bebe. seriously.

    john: i guess syriana isn’t that new here too. it’s just that i haven’t got the chance to watch it, which is a terrible shame because i adore george clooney to the bones.

  4. there’ll be another beautiful day…
    love syriana; the story, the after thought, the white rangerover 😀

  5. pak aroeng: haven’t watched Syriana… but i want to. i guess it’s better than ‘Sunshine’ hahahahakahkahkahkahk…

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