Talks From Inside The Earth

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If there is one guy who can make me laugh even when I’m having a serious tootache, it’s gotta be my darling. Observe our ‘scientific’ discussion.

yodee says: bebe
yodee says: have u heard of the hollow earth theory?
Asmara says: wat?
Asmara says: no
yodee says: it’s intersting
Asmara says: u know im reading our old post in the old makeoutroom tentang amazing race online… and i am laughing
yodee says: some scientists proposed that our earth is actually hollow and is inhabitable
yodee says: hehehehehe
Asmara says: really???
yodee says: weawwyyy
Asmara says: 🙂
Asmara says: whoa
Asmara says: so there is nothing inside the globe?
Asmara says: i mean, no magma nothing?
yodee says: http://www.sacred-texts.com/earth/potp/img/hollow.jpg
Asmara says: yeah so what’s inside? nothing?
yodee says: i dont know..still speculations
yodee says: so
Asmara says: you know
yodee says: the inside of the earth is still a mystery
Asmara says: if there’s really nothing inside of the earth,
yodee says: so probably the so called magma is not there…
Asmara says: will it crack?
Asmara says: oh yeah then how do these scientists prove the volcanoes?
Asmara says: they think it’s just like pimples?
Asmara says: and what about lumpur lapindo?
Asmara says: huge pimple?
yodee says: it’s not like 3 centimeter under our soil is hollow
Asmara says: hm
yodee says: the map says it’s like 600 miles thick of soil before the void space
yodee says: maybe the lahar2 disitu kali
Asmara says: so theoretically we can live INSIDE the earth?
Asmara says: bwahahahahaha
yodee says: they say something IS living in there
Asmara says: i think that would be safer
yodee says: oh and i read this one theory
yodee says: man this guy is so good
yodee says: he convinced the reader that… we are the ones who actually living inside the hollow earth, the way he wrote it was soo convincing
Asmara says: something is living in there?
Asmara says: WE DO?
Asmara says: WHOA
yodee says: hahaha
Asmara says: then maybe it’s time to move OUT
Asmara says: you know with all the tsunamis and all
Asmara says: serem ga seeehh
Asmara says: baby im goin offline ya
yodee says: http://www.illuminati-news.com/ufos-and-aliens/Graphics/agharta_map.gif
Asmara says: my tooth is aching again
yodee says: aaa jangan
yodee says: oh yaaaa
yodee says: ya udah
Asmara says: i dont wanna
Asmara says: but then ya gitu deh… cenut cenut
yodee says: ya udah
yodee says: will call u later ok
Asmara says: hey wait wait
yodee says: yes
Asmara says: so the sky we’re looking at is actually the inner part of the earth’s skin?
Asmara says: wow
yodee says: iya
yodee says: it’s all the inverted theory shit
Asmara says: then how do we drill ourselves OUT?
yodee says: we dont, why should we
Asmara says: well… rasanya kurang gaul aja gitu terkungkung
Asmara says: bagai katak dalam tempurung
yodee says: iya
yodee says: nanti bakalan ada saying
yodee says: “kaya manusia di dalem bumi lo!”
Asmara says: then where’s the MOON? and all the planets?
yodee says: kan ada “inner sun”
Asmara says: or are they just figments of our imaginations?
yodee says: did u see the map
Asmara says: oh yeah
yodee says: it’s got oceans and all the shit in there
yodee says: it’s big in there!
Asmara says: so the global warming can be cured
yodee says: these days??? we’ve been living in here since the beginning of time!
Asmara says: just drill a hole in the earth skin and we’re safe!
yodee says: maybe dinosaurs are still out there
Asmara says: hey, it’s gettin’ hotter because the sun is prolly gettin nearer
yodee says: and the aliens
yodee says: living side by side
yodee says: u know…
yodee says: and bin laden too
Asmara says: or maybe dinosaurs ARE aliens
yodee says: hehehe
Asmara says: omg this is the best conversation since our ‘zodiac sign’ theories
Asmara says: remember? look at our old makeout room
Asmara says: :D:D:D:D:D
Asmara says: omg bebe i love you
yodee says: iya yaaaaa
Asmara says: you can’t seem to stop fascinating me
Asmara says: how do you do that
yodee says: because i have wild imagiantions
yodee says: bebe the openings to the hollow earth is on both sides of the poles
yodee says: 60miles wide
yodee says: and there are actually tours to go there HAHAHAH
Asmara says: you know what i think
yodee says: wat
Asmara says: i think the millionaire who paid for a trip to the so-called ‘moon’ is now biting his own ass.
Asmara says: he should’ve gone on THAT tour instead
Asmara says: :D:D:D:D:D:D
yodee says: yeah hahhahahahahaha
Asmara says: omg i sound so really stupid
yodee says: man.. moon is soo yesterday
yodee says: i mean we dont even know if that is just our imagination
Asmara says: moon? wat’s dat?
Asmara says: :D:D:D:D
yodee says: inner earth is da shit now
Asmara says: :D:D:D:D
Asmara says: LMAO
yodee says: starbucks should start opening its franchise there
Asmara says: wait wait
Asmara says: so my pimple theory isn’t right then.
yodee says: u know air asia is going to have a new route there soon.
yodee says: it isn’t right
Asmara says: maybe whatever happens with the volcanoes and lapindo is better to be considered ‘inner ulcers’
Asmara says: :D:D:D
yodee says: :D:D:D:D
Asmara says: so there is NO ‘OUTER SPACE’ huh
Asmara says: there is, however, ‘inner earth skin’
Asmara says: how interesting
yodee says: outer space maybe exists, but its still waayy out of our league
yodee says: we need to go to the earth skin first
Asmara says: omg bebe, this means that all love songs have to be changed!
yodee says: why
Asmara says: how very unpractical
yodee says: u know the savage garden song? “i will fly you to the moon and back if you be my baby”?
yodee says: “i will drill out to the outer earth AND THEN fly u to the moon and back”
Asmara says: :D:D:D:D:D:D
Asmara says: this is so freaking funny
Asmara says: if it were true
Asmara says: :D:D:D:D:D
yodee says: heheh i know
yodee says: oh it’s true baby just wait for the official news
yodee says: from Aljazeera TV
Asmara says: hey so, if we live inside the earth, do you think the earth’s skin is translucent? you know, are we, like… living inside a glass ball?
Asmara says: because if we are…
Asmara says: maybe…
Asmara says: everytime there’s a disaster, maybe it’s just because somebody’s shaking the ball from the outside
yodee says: maybe
yodee says: maybe we are just some “fish” in some alien’s aquarium
Asmara says: omigod
Asmara says: i have one of those glass balls
Asmara says: with snow in it
Asmara says: talk about karma
Asmara says: bebe im putting this conversation in my English blog
yodee says: hahahahaha
yodee says: yeah talk about karma
Asmara says: seriously. so people will know how scientific WE ARE.
Asmara says: :D:D:D:D:D
yodee says: yeah and how dumb we are too at the same time
yodee says: hahaha
yodee says: maybe not dumb
yodee says: but how wild our imaginations are
Asmara says: your imaginations, maybe. i’m just the one adding pain to the injury

Oh how can I not love him for bringing out the best in me… 😀

*note: stupid remarks in bold.

  1. so are we going to take the tour then, beb? some of the tourists who have been in the tour say that it’s disappointing since the openings are not visible…. but we can find them!!

  2. You guys are amazingly imaginative. I really enjoy the discussion! 🙂

  3. Bebe: i think there is NO openings. we still have to drill ourselves outta the earth.

    man, never thought i’d say that sentence.

    Bleu: now you see how we REALLY spend our time. pretty silly, huh. 😀

  4. […] about this particular matter (and other stuff too). Oh, and may I remind you… every time me and him talk about these sort of things, it always develops to something really really […]

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