Ms. High Maintenance

In Silly Posts on April 3, 2007 at 12:39 am

“I want the birthday cake, Mommy”
“No, dear.”
“But all the kids are eating it and I wanna”
“You’ll get sick”
“Just this one time, pleaaasseeee!!!”
“Ok. Just a bite” -exasperated

The little girl takes a small bite of the yummy birthday cake, chewed with a smile, feeling the creamy topping melting inside her mouth. She feels like her friends for a couple of minutes, eating the cake with pride and swallowed the mouthful quickly. She still wants more, but before she could even open her mouth for a second spoonful…

she throws up. Then she’ll be forced to lie down for a week because she’ll be throwing up constantly even afterwards.

She learns how to survive birthday parties without tasting the birthday cake. She learns how to politely decline a plate of birthday cake, how to answer pushy parents who just won’t stop asking why she does not eat. She learns how to tell people that she’s not watching her weight, only staying healthy, without having to explain the details.

But people just won’t understand and it irritates her.

Even today, she has to explain to her stubborn friends that she could not take dairy. Not even an innocent glass of milk to recover from a major hangover. She once tried the old age recipe of drinking warm milk before bed to sleep better. She ended up throwing up all night.

She doesn’t know how to explain to people that she’s okay with having a bit cheese and butter, but not okay in having any other kind of dairy products especially milk.

Last week she spent five full days in helplessly lying in her bed. She was sick again. Because of dairy.

Her mother looks at her and says: “You were once high maintenance. You’re still one and you’ll always be.”

Although she’s well when she heard the sentence, she just smiled and nodded in agreement. Afterall, the past week -although unbearable- had shed about 3 kilos off her body.

Hi, my name is Ms. High Maintenance. Nice to meet you, fabulous people πŸ˜‰

  1. Ms. High Maintenance? Hi, nice to meet you too… I’m Mr. High Maintenance. Wanna go grab a bite?

  2. Aaaww… I’d be happy to, Sir. As long as there’s no dairy involved!

    By the way, do you work out regularly?

    *glancing to your chest, trying to keep from drooling*

  3. aahhh, of course i do, i’m Mr. High Maintenance for crying out loud. πŸ™‚ you should feel my skin, it is highly maintenanced as well.. soomth, huh?

  4. btw, my chest is dairy-free πŸ˜‰

  5. I’m pretending to not notice the typo.

    Yes, Sir. Your skin is very smooth indeed…

    *smiling wickedly*

  6. that ‘soomth’ dairy-free chest of yours πŸ˜€

    hey, why do a conversation about dairy turn somewhat erotic?

  7. because I’m, Mr. High Maintenance is involved. Whenever I’m involved…. everything becomes erotic πŸ˜‰

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