Jakartans, Help Me Decide!

In Tech Talk on April 3, 2007 at 1:04 am

All of us working Jakartans know that:

1. Fancy GSM phones are best used to receive calls, send long SMSes, store photos, music, extravagantly purchased applications, and to flash at important meetings so we would appear ‘professional’ so that we would be taken a wee bit seriously.

2. To yak the day and night(s) away with loved ones and friends, it’s the CDMA phone that rules among us yuppies (ah, are we really). Usually these type of phones are much simpler in both design and price, but we really don’t care. We have our ‘serious’ phones and/or PDAs, why not add a ‘talk-only’ phone that only costs a mere 400K? Besides, this aid reduces our GSM bill by more than 50%. How amazing it is that we could talk the night away without feeling guilty once we hang up? Heck, as long as it’s within the same provider, it’s even cheaper than fixed phone rates!

I own a Nokia Communicator 9500 and a Samsung SCH N356 CDMA phone. When I first started dating Mr. Wonderful, I spent 2 million rupiahs in average… for my monthly phone bill. The sweet nothings was apparently very expensive. But I didn’t care. He obviously didn’t either. That is until the day we found the magic of Fren. Not gonna elaborate much here as they haven’t paid me to be an endorser of their brand. All I can say is, the 2 million was reduced by almost 80%. Seriously.

Now I’ve been using Fren for almost two years, and it has never been disappointing. In fact, I’m loving it. The only thing I don’t love is that a lot of my co-workers at the office uses its competitor: Esia. It is equally expensive to use either my Fren or GSM. I’m contemplating to get a new handset and an Esia number just for work sake, but I’m afraid it’ll be too extravagant. I never want to give up my Fren, because I like it.

Oh well. I think I already know what I want, really, but I need help. Please click the link below and fill the survey for me, people. It would be a great great help! Thank you!

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  1. skype phone — if u have broadband at home…

  2. i’m using esia for the past 6 months and yeah my GSM bills reduce for 50%. my sole consideration only bunch of my friends using the same one. as you said, as long as its within the same provider (maybe i’ll consider other provider if the groups choose others). or, perhaps you should consider of buying dual mobile phone GSM-CDMA (samsung & fren provide this). fresh newcomer provider even dare offers 333rp (cmiiw)/ minutes to every other operator. geez, how i love competitor πŸ™‚

  3. I used Fren while in JKT, and I don’t see why I need the best and newest slickest phone if the cheap one does fine. I know in JKT the rules are different – it’s all about image. But why flash a phone for status, and next use your Fren phone? Either be big and use the expensive phone with the expensive bill, or don’t care about people that attach too much value to things as a mobile phone. I wouldn’t like a lady any better if her bag is from a designer brand, or if she would feel less secure if her bag isn’t πŸ™‚

    Save the money and spend in on fun things like travel and nice food πŸ™‚


  4. John: Skype. Hm. Interesting.

    Grace: Hm. So it’s a problem too if I get an ESIA. Oh well.

    Sam: I’m sticking with my FREN for now. And yeah, I’m saving the money to buy myself new shoes instead πŸ˜€

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