You Are My Doughnut, Sweetheart

In Mushy :) on March 29, 2007 at 12:54 am

doughnutAs he says in his blog to me… “i wanna hug you like the donut hugs the hole in the donut :)”. Sugar, this is a tribute to your sweetness. Although I can’t eat any due to my sickness, I could never have enough donuts if it means your hugs. I love you so much and what you said yesterday about being there in sickness and in health, say no more. I’ve seen and felt it 🙂

Kisses to my donut. Thank you for saying I look beautiful despite not taking any shower for almost two days. Thank you for hugging me so tight and telling me I’m gonna be fine.

I’m still a bit woozy now, but way better because of you 🙂

*image from gettyimages

  1. im the donut and you’re the icing 🙂

  2. no, sweetie. i’m the hole so you’re the one who hugs me 🙂

  3. dudes, it’s late / early over there !!

  4. it’s never too late/early for us:)

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