On Good-Looking People

In Silly Posts on March 23, 2007 at 7:04 pm

Just wondering…

Why do successful people are mostly good looking?

If you work in a place like me, you get to meet a lot of people (and I mean a LOT). And if you happen to be as observant as (people say) I am, you’ll see a lot of things that would lead you to ponder. This time, I realized that I’m almost always surrounded by good-looking people in my line of work. At first I thought it’s because of what they do (read: celebrities). The celebs invest a lot of money on their looks because that’s their main asset. But as it turns out, there are a lot more people out there that are as successful even though they aren’t celebrities… and they look like a million dollars just like the celebs.

I used to have the classic ‘only the rich looks good’ way of thinking. But now my way of thinking has shifted. Maybe I’ve always been wrong. Maybe if somebody looks good, s/he will climb the career and social ladder more smoothly than those who don’t look as good. And this has something to do with their social and educational backgrounds.

working from bed.  so me.Hang on now.

If it’s really about the social and educational background, then I’m back to my first thought. Only the rich looks good. But then, there are also people who came from a not-so-good social background and somehow managed to the top, looking good.

Man, now I am confused. Okay, let me sum up this rather confusing post by asking:

Is it true that looks affect one’s success? Or is it the other way around: success affects one’s looks?

Whatever your answers might be, please refer to the picture on the right as it is my kind of ‘ideal working attire, space and tools’.

*image from gettyimages

  1. I think you got both right. People tend to sympathize more with people of good social skills, e.g. know how to look, or behave, right and appropriately. This perhaps increase the probability of one’s success. On the other argument, success (financially) will enable people to enhance the skills, e.g. get better clothings, public speaking skills — for further success. From system dynamics view (this is where I lost sympathies), it’s called positive feedback loop… πŸ™‚

  2. Unfortunately there are stereotypes attached to people’s looks, but I learned a long time ago and teach my kids that even though they are pretty on the outside, what makes you attractive is what’s inside. Perhaps the looks come in because a person with natural good looks has a better self-esteem making them more confident and thus nicer. Good one.

  3. “Just wondering…
    Why do successful people are mostly good looking?”

    thank you very much, darling. i take that as a compliment πŸ™‚

  4. is that woman in that picture with a nice rack also successful? ‘cos she looks pretty hehehe

  5. i think it’s more to looks affect one’s success. bleu is right, people tend to sympathize more with people with good social skills. if you look good then it’ll be easier for you to climb up the social ladder. and there is a lot of opportunity once you’re up there. some people who are on the top level of the social ladder are rich and usually are close to the men whos got power (at least in this country). from there, ‘hooking a brada up’ is not a hard thing to do. even if they are not close to the axis of power they will surely have something big behind them that make them that successful… and again they will hook you up with something as your look has already blinded them.

  6. bleu: isn’t it a wee bit like asking ‘which comes first: the egg or the chicken?’

    Herb: well then i hope George Clooney is nice on the inside too. otherwise he’d be a major turn-off πŸ˜€

    bebe: ah so now she has a nice rack eh? *pouting*

  7. you don’t think she has a nice rack? saying she doesn’t have a nice rack is like saying bill gates aint rich hehehehe. but yours is nicer, darling πŸ™‚

    btw, which comes first chicken or egg? it’s chicken. throrough research has been conducted yb moi

  8. When one’s successful, one has more opportunity to pump up their performance. Shortly, money talks. You’ll have better haircare, better face care, less exposure to sunlights, dust, pollution; which in the end makes you look better than those who does not have that kind of luxury.
    So, it does not take a good looking people to be succesful, I think, but at times, it takes a success (financially!) to be looking better.

  9. Of course good looking people get further..I am in sales and obviously in my line of work i have to influence people into my way of thinking..The good looking people in this line of work always do better..The ugly ones usually fail or should I say don’t do as well..Think about it..I know it isn’t suppose to be this way but your first impression of a sales person is his/her looks as they approach you..If they are not good looking you tend to put your guard up..If they are good looking you are more trusting of what they are telling you..I have been in sales for 17 years so I have seen them come and go..

  10. Martin: yeah. you’re probably right. they should’ve put me in sales, then. HAHAHHAA! thanks for stopping by, dude!

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