Money Politics

In Daily Annoyance, Weird Philosophy on March 23, 2007 at 2:12 am

“So are you gonna do it?”
“No.  I don’t think so”
“There’s no money involved”

When one is involved within such conversation, one can only take one side.  The one who’s offering or the one who’s being offered.  I have been both.   When it’s me offering, I’d be straightforward.  But when it’s me being offered and I don’t quite agree with the numbers…

I decline graciously.

See it’s the thing about money.  We need it to survive.  We need it to live and we’ll do anything to get our hands on it.  Any kind of thing.  Some of us work our asses off, some of us use sex… some of us even kill for money.  If people are saying that the most dangerous thing in the world is a terrorist’s suicide bomb, then I think they’re wrong.

The most dangerous thing in the world is tucked neatly in our wallets.  It is so funny how a piece of paper can tear a friendship apart, cause sins to be made and send people to hell.  Little did we know that when we were given our first allowances, we purchased a one -way ticket to only God knows where.

It’s not my Prison Break addiction talking, it’s just that I’ve been slapped in the face when I heard a certain somebody said fiercely to me:  “I won’t do anything if there isn’t any reward to it and by reward I mean money.”  I’ve heard the lines in movies before, heck I even heard the sentence in my head whenever frustrations at work start to kick in.  But I never knew it would hurt me to hear a person say that to my face even in confiding manners.

I tried to reason with the person with the ear-cutting sentence, hoping what I heard was wrongly delivered.

“It’s a bit blunt, you know.”
“Your statement.  Maybe you’d do this one out of… I don’t know… maybe your liking, instead of the money”
“Let me tell you what I like.  I like money.  That is the only thing why I’m doing all this”
“Come on.  There must be another thing…”
“No.  It’s either the money or not at all.  It’s always been the money”

I am not the most assertive person on earth, but I felt torn between wanting to punch the person’s face and pinching myself to wake up from this nightmare.  The person I knew to be a light thinker, had suddenly turned into a money-crazed monster.  Again, I tried.

“You are not desperate.  Or poor, for that matter… why are you talking like this?”
“I am not desperate.  But I like money and I’m getting it the way I know how”
“Why do I feel like talking to a criminal…”
“You are the one who’s making it sound like you’re talking to a criminal.  Face it, girl, money can get you places.  And I wanna go places”
“Don’t you feel that it’s wrong to do what you’re about to do to get the money?”
“Hell if I do what I’m about to do, I’m not only getting the money.  I’m getting everything I want.  Fortune and power at the most”

I couldn’t help but judge the person sitting in front of me.  I winced, and had a sudden rush for wanting to have a cold shower to wash the words that was thrown all over me.

“Relax.  This isn’t about you”
“I know.  But I’ve never known that you’ve been thinking like that all your life”
“That’s how I survived”

Yes.  We all have differences, I have made my peace with that.  What I can never tolerate is the bluntness that really belongs on the streets, between gangs.  There wasn’t any gun pointed at my direction, nor any potential physical danger around me as I was safely surrounded by walls and nice people around.

But my trust, as well as my respect were broken to pieces.

When I was driving home last night, I made a call and spit out the truth.  The response to my story was:

“You are indeed the girl next door I knew from back then, and don’t you ever change

We talked for several minutes and finally I hung up.  I did not feel relieved at all.

Today I was faced by the reality.  Somebody once told me that I am really good in politics and should use my ability to the max.  So I did.  I smiled and joked like nothing happened.  I’m gonna write to Hollywood and tell them that I deserve an Oscar for my performance.

And it’s all because I know now that when money talks, it’s the cue to bring on the politician to the frontline. 

  1. what is this? were you offered to gun down somebody in exchange for money?

  2. Miund,

    Well, it’s a “dogs eat dogs” world out there, where people often “value” others based on money and materialistic stuff. I personally have had it with all those stuff. That’s why I want to get this over with and retire young. (It’s gonna happen, I promise myself.) I want to enjoy traveling the world, friendships, and work for humanitarian and environmental causes while I can still walk and run without crunching on a crane or being pushed in a wheelchair.

    Lucky for me, I earn my living by “helping” others indirectly, through my writings (ebooks, books, etc.) and directly through teaching. Those are the “best” jobs for me so far, because I don’t need to step on anybody’s toes just to get by. No “harsh” politics, he he he… just a deep frown on my forehead, sore eyes, and a million pieces of information and ideas running around my head in light-years speed.

    I long to live in a world where people are not so obsessed with money. I’ve had it, really, but I need to be realistic and earn as much as I can within a few more years.

    Perhaps as a writer, I live in a small filled with idealistic notions of how the world should have been. I know so and I’m preserving it. No matter what people say about it, I’ll keep it in tact. Hopefully, until the day I die.

    Keep your chin up, girl. People like you are what we need today.

    ~ Jennie

  3. I guess I have stopped thinking how much I deserve by doing what I am doing, as the happiness, pleasure, to see the smiles of the people that we’re helping is priceless, invaluable and there’s no money could ever pay that feeling.
    There are times that I feel a bit tight and desperate –like this time, for instance — , but the only thing that keeps me to the ground was the intention to help others, and trying to better manage.
    So help me God, to not ever have the thought to do anything for the love of money.

    But of course, there will always be people who worships money more than they worship intangible happiness. They’re just not my league. Or yours, for that matter, no?
    That’s all.

  4. Bebe: I told you what really happened last night. No crime involved, only the loss of trust and respect to a certain someone.

    Jennie: Cheers 🙂

    Silverlines: You’re just in the rough now, girl. Things would get better once you go back to the green. A par isn’t necessary. A birdie will do 😉 *hm. this is the first time I’ve ever used golf as an analogy and it’s weird. hakhakhakhakhak…

  5. to be honest, the first time i really understood how powerful money could be is in indonesia.

    i think poverty focuses people’s mind on money more than in the west… — not all bad, just the reality of life, or my impression of it.

  6. and to be honest, this is the first time i realized that money is powerful everywhere in indonesia including at offices filled with so-called well-educated people. no wonder people say my country is one of the most corrupt country in the world.

    whatever happened to what we were once taught in university? and whatever happened to our self-idealisms?

    dang. i wish i’d studied politics instead of arts. maybe i’d understand more.

  7. well corruption is a different thing altogether.

    maybe people have to be greedier over there in order to look after there family, cos the state isn’t gonna help out if you fall on hard times… i dunno…

  8. Money, I guess, has very poor signicifance to education. Having well educated people working in an office, not necessarily guarantee there won’t be no manipulation, corruption in the house.
    One could be very well educated but very poor empathy, moral, which could prevent one from being corrupt, abusive.

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