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In Celebrity Talk, Image Post, Junkie Session, TV Talk on March 19, 2007 at 3:00 am

Le Hunk Du JourAh oui.  Le hunk du jour.  C’est mon nouveau objet de drool.

Man.  Even the attempt of using the most sophisticated language in the world, does NOT help when posting cheesiness.  Hahahaha…  Oh well, after Gale Harold of ‘Queer As Folk‘, Adrian Pasdar of ‘Heroes‘ and Matthew Perry of ‘Friends‘, the ‘Prison Break‘ actor caught my eyes.   He, however, does not replace my undying love to George Clooney.  It’s just that… even my boyfriend admits -and envies- his handsomeness.

Oh well.  I guess it’s time for bed.  Toodles!

  1. wait…. matthew perry???!!!!!
    ….. why????

  2. I can understand the rest, but Matthew Perry, Miund? 😉

    My hunk list:

    – Colin Farrell (super hot babe)
    – Denzel Washington (super cool)
    – Pierce Brosnan (super gorgeous)
    – Johnny Depp (super mysterious)
    – George Clooney (super flirt)
    – Matt Damon (super boyfriendly)
    – Brad Pitt (super sexy)
    – Patrick Dempsey (super dreamy)

    Whew… a hot list it is.

    ~ Jennie

  3. Jennie:

    My categories for a TV crush are: super hot and/or super funny. Matthew Perry is the latter and the rest… need I say more? 😀

    Hm. You intrigued me to jot down my own tinseltown list. Here goes…

    – George Clooney (been at the top for over ten years now)
    – Pierce Brosnan (after Sean Connery, he’s the only true Bond)
    – Ben Affleck (despite his brain-dead era of dating J.Lo, he’s become hot once again)
    – Jamie Foxx (hot in all places except his hair on Dreamgirls)
    – Blair Underwood (hot in all places and more!)

    And the list continues with the men I mentioned in the post 😀


    I just explained to Jennie. And you, my darling, are a total package 😀

  4. Got it, Miund… Matthew Perry’s cynical attitude is a turn on (and a turn off at the same time, depending on my mood).

    Agree on other hunks, but Colin Farrel is on the top of my list. Dark and hot.

    ~ Jennie

  5. did somebody say dark and hot?? *pointing at self*

  6. Baby, you should ask yourself: “Self, I know you are dark, but are you really that hot?”

    Hahahakhakhk… just kidding sweetie. I love you 😉

  7. 😉 you know him better, Miund. I’m sure you’re both to some extent (only Miund can ansewr).

    ~ Jennie

  8. As an Asian, I think Ken Watanabe is both handsome and strong (Asian version). Try not stereotyping, but I find it quite hard to find Asian actors to be attractive (in my eyes). 🙂

    ~ Jennie

  9. Miund, we’re in the same league when it comes to Matthew Perry, hehehe… Can I share my list on hot guys?

    1. Collin Powell (I have to confess I’m kinda obsessed with this gentleman, hmmmm…).
    2. Denzel Washington.

    Hm, strange. The list only contains two names and both of them are African American. But why am I usually attracted to Asians????

    Er, btw, Blair Underwood is indeed HOT.

  10. my turn my turn
    – josh hartnett (those eyes)
    – nicholas saputra (the whole package)
    – that guy in garasi sama iklan gudang garam merah sapa tuh namanya (the eyes again)
    – louis koo (dark, hot and killer smile haha)
    – nate fisher from six feet under (i love his kissing scenes)
    – chad michael murray from OTH
    – and of course Joey from friends hoho

    used to have a huge crush on hugh grant too
    that’s why ive watched love actually like 5 times oledi hehe…

  11. ikut aaahhh…
    my hot hunks list:
    – wentworth miller (the exact definition of “handsome”)
    – jonathan rhys meyers (tangled, mission impossible 3, hugo perfume ad)
    – will smith (dark, handsome, sexy….yummy…)
    – filippo inzaghi (football player playing in ac milan, italia)
    – fedi nuril (the guy from gudang garam merah ad, garasi, n mengejar matahari as stella mentioned)
    – fauzi baadilla (love the way he stares)

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