Idiot Needs Guide

In Daily Annoyance, Silly Posts on March 16, 2007 at 2:19 am

I’ve been tinkering with Macromedia Dreamweaver for the past two days and I hereby announce:

I’m going majorly INSANE.

ARGH! It’s my own fault, really, I don’t like reading books when it comes to learning computer stuff. I just like toying with whatever program I’m learning… and discovering stuff. It’s better if I have somebody sitting beside me on stand-by mode who really knows how the program works so if I got stuck, all I have to do is turn my head and ask.

See, that’s how I got fluent with AutoCad (uh huh, I WAS an interior design major student once). Don’t ask me the commands now, because all I could remember was ‘OFFSET’ and ‘LINE’. But I am damn sure I could get to it again if needed. It’s just like riding a bike.

When CorelDraw was hot, I used to sit in front of my computer, drawing anything that could be drawn. I mastered the program after only four days. No books, no tutorials and nobody on stand-by beside me.

Then came the era of Adobe Photoshop. And yes, my ‘Idiot’s Guide to Adobe Photoshop 6’ book was useless. I learned alone and learned some more as time goes by. Now I go to online tutorials just for kicks whenever I feel the hunger of producing some ‘arty’ effects.

About a week ago, I bought Adobe Illustrator and in just a freaking four hours, I’ve become accustomed with the commands and produced an amateur drawing of my face. It was like going back to my Corel days… and yes, I was in love with AI in an instant.


Omigod, I am literally pulling my hair out. This Dreamweaver thing is rather easy if I want to succumb to its pre-made templates. The problem comes when I tried working with both Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I got through the image-slicing in Adobe ImageReady… but how the fuck do I get things right in Dreamweaver?? Sheesh. Last night I told him: “Bebe! It’s so easy! Omg I’m loving this program!” But tonight I realized that I spoke too soon.

Spent hours and hours looking for tutorials on-line but there wasn’t any with good screenshots. I guess this is my weakness. Relating more to pictures than words is bad bad bad when you are learning something as complicated as Dreamweaver… AAGGHH!!!

That’s it. I’m getting ‘Complete Idiot’s Guide To Macromedia Dreamweaver

AAAGGHHHHHH!!! I hate reading to LEARN!

It’s like school all over again 😦

  1. Never used the program, but then I usually need the Complete Idiot’s Guide to How Books for Dummies Work.

  2. wow, i think i’ll need a copy of that too! can you send one to Indonesia, Herb? 😀

  3. i like the pic hahaha so funny. hey how come ive never noticed this entry?

  4. yeah, i agree, dreamweaver is freakin hard!
    i dont like reading either from books, i’d rather have someone who knows the software well to teach me how!

  5. Hi My Name Is ivavnk.

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