AI 2007 – Week 1 Results

In My American Idol Addiction on March 16, 2007 at 2:43 am

Brandon RogersOh so much for my Dreamweaver desperation. On a lighter note… Brandon Rogers got axed. Can’t say I’m surprised. You can never screw up onstage, dude. I’m just wondering why am I not shocked to find Sanjaya Malakar still in the competition. I guess it’s the hair. Ms. Ross might be wailing somewhere in Beverly Hills as Simon put it, but I think she wailed not because Sanjaya didn’t sing well. Ms. Ross was shrieking in JOY to find her hair being imitated by a male teenager. I think she wouldn’t scream as loud if today were the seventies. In the era of crew-cuts, mohawks and caesars, Sanjaya’s ‘do is like a breath of fresh fart.

Other than that, I’m still golly glad that Melinda and LaKisha are still on. They have to be. As much as I hate her, I love Gina Glocksen’s hair this evening. Jordin’s straightened curls are great too! The hot iron worked like a charm. Sanjaya, take notes!

Oh well. Enough bitching. Time for bed.

To other contestants of the American Idol 2007, as the handsome George Clooney would put it: good night and good luck.

*picture courtesy of the official website


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