AI 2007 – Week 1 Recap: Top 12

In My American Idol Addiction on March 15, 2007 at 2:27 am

A quick recap on the first Top 12 American Idol concert.

Melinda and LaKisha (lovin’ the nickname KiKi!):  as long as you both don’t start preaching and publicly disagree on other people’s ‘lifestyles’ like Mandisa did, you’re sure to be on the top 2, babes.  I’m so sorry to see both of you have to pretend ‘competing’ the other losers for the coming weeks.  What a waste of time and energy.  Your opponents should’ve been Chris Daughtry, Fantasia Barrino, Bo Bice and Kelly Clarkson.  Now that would be a hard competition, and a far better one to watch too.

Jordin:  Not quite sure if I agree with the judges on you being able to stand inside LaKisha and Melinda’s league… but you’ll be a fun contender to watch in the top 3.

Chris S:  Nyeh.  I think the mojo’s in your glasses, dude.  Wear it.  Maybe you’ll sing better.

Stephanie:  Still beautiful, but not the song choice.

Blake:  Respect Motown, dude.  That’s the keywords.

Sanjaya:  Not being able to sing Diana Ross does NOT mean you have to copy the hairdo.  Or was it just the hair people’s cynical humor?  If it was, kudos to THEM.  Just go home already.  Your sister misses doing your hair.

Gina:  Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.  Man, never thought I’m able to hate an Idol contestant so much after that Fedorov guy.  Go home, Gina.  Everything’s wrong.  Just go home.

Chris R:  I know who The Boss is, and it’s not you.  Go home.
Brandon & Haley:  Forgetting the lyrics is sinful.  Go home.  Just go home and make everyone’s life easier.

All in all, I fear that this season of AI is slowly turning into crap.  There are threats from Simon that if Sanjaya wins, he’ll quit the show.  Yeah right, like he doesn’t know it’s a reality show all along.  More ‘Cowell outing Seacrest’ actions -getting old,  really old-, more Paula Abdul sobbing and mumbling incoherently and more Randy smirking than smiling.  Not enough ‘dawgs’ for him this year, I think.

I’m only watching this now to find out when Sanjaya will be kicked out and what song he messes up next.  Also looking forward to the grand finale of Melinda VS LaKisha (if it ever happens).  As for the rest… oh just go home.

One more thing:  to me, Seacrest has always been gay.  That’s why he always dresses better than Cowell.  Ha!

  1. OOOOHHH… I just can’t wait any longer to see Sanjaya gets kicked off!!! I can’t stand his menyek-menyekism :p. As for Melinda, I’ll have to agree with many AI observers here: please, please stop looking wide-eyed innocent. You know how good you are compared to the others. You can just say thank you, smile, in an elegant yet modest way.

  2. LOL
    funny post…
    and another one of lucky ppl who can afford TV cable…
    I mean, I’m sure my dad can afford TV cable (financially)…
    I’m the one who can’t afford to say no to watching TV all the time if I ever have a TV cable in BDG…

    one thing for sure: I HATE SANJAYA HAIRSTYLE for freaking sure!!!

    ooooohhhh…. why???? why didn’t America kick Haley out??????

    they should definetly do it next week!!!

    and Sanjaya’d better do good!!!

  3. Lenje: agreed. more wide-eyed reaction, and people will think she’s a fake. but she sounds great anyways, tho. go Doolittle!

    Alien: get cable. trust me, the euphoria of non-stop watching will only last a week. after that you’d get so sick with the reruns. sorry if you found spoilers here 😀

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