In Search Of Tooth

In Silly Posts on March 13, 2007 at 1:13 pm

After a series of recurring migraines and sleepless nights, I finally surrendered to everyone’s idea -including my GP’s- to see a dentist.

Heck, the last time I saw a dentist was probably a week ago when I spotted a geeky-looking guy hanging about in the studio. Apologies to dentists everywhere for I almost always associate ‘geek’ with ‘dentist’ for reasons unknown. It’s just automatic. However, “seeing” a dentist is way different than actually sitting on that scary-looking chair and letting one actually stretches your mouth open.

I’ve been contemplating this idea for about two months -maybe more. Did some research on so-called ‘good dentists’ and apparently there are lots of them in the city. My criteria was:

1. A woman – common sense: they usually pay more attention to details
2. Cozy treatment room – or whatever they call it these days
3. Hygienic approach to dentistry – always believed doctors are clean, but some friends told me horror stories about how some dentists use the same tools from one patient to another. Bleugh.
4. Reasonable price

Now point 4 is automatically contradictive to point 3. But hey, can’t blame me for trying to be idealistic.

So I searched and searched while gathering up the courage to decide and finally go. I’ve gotten sick and tired of having to pick my tooth after every meal and brush my teeth obsessively with medicated toothpaste that tasted like shit.

“You should go to my dentist. She’s superb,” said my Mom over dinner.
“Heahhy? Ih he ehwenhiff?” I asked while politely covering my mouth as I picked my tooth.
“Reasonable. She’s a really stylish lady. What I like about her is that she’s very hygienic, thorough and her equipments are top notch”
“Heh ih his hetish?” – yes, still busy picking the tooth (and kinda amazed on how Mom got what I said)
“Oh not so far away. It’s about 20 minutes drive.”

That was it. My decision was final. I went there this afternoon and didn’t have to wait in line as I was first on location. Apparently the gentleman before me was just getting his teeth cleaned and he was finished when I arrived.

A middle-aged beautiful lady doctor greeted me with a warm smile. She smelled like Elizabeth Arden. Her hair was done in the manner of Raakhee Punjabi, only classier. She directly led me to the scary chair -which surprisingly wasn’t as scary as I’ve imagined because it was orange. Yes, people. Orange. She smiled, asked my name and seconds later, her smile disappeared behind a mask.

“So, what do we have here?”

I opened up my mouth and pointed to where it usually hurts the most.

“Well well. This is rather bad. Let’s see whether the caries had affected your nerve.”

She did something with the drill, and I screamed in shock.

“Did it hurt?”
“Why did you scream?”
“Yes it’s cold, it’s the air from this thing. It’s ok. Let me know if it hurts, ok?”

After a solid 45 minutes on the orange chair, I gradually felt relaxed I almost fell asleep. Michael Buble was singing, his voice was intoxicating. I vaguely heard the doctor saying something about root canal treatments for some tooth. I begun to feel like I was in a beauty salon. The only difference was: she had the coolest monitor that allowed me to see how scary my teeth are up close. And yes it didn’t hurt that much on that chair.

The real unbearable pain came when she showed me the bill.

Man, all I could think of is how stuffing two pairs of shoes from Zara in my mouth might cure the toothache as well.

Oh well. At least I’m cured for the time being. That lady made me promise to come back in two weeks to do a check up on my nerves. Moral of the story: never believe anybody telling you that good dentists are ‘reasonably priced’. They are ridiculously expensive, and I now believe that they should be. Because if they weren’t, the scary chair would just be scary instead of orange, Michael Buble won’t even dare to top another patient’s screams from another room -if any- and the doctor would smell like rotten eggs instead of Arden.

  1. I suspect that we go to the same dentist. As fancy as they might be, the bills always come shockingly !!

  2. they are fancy because we paid too much… hahahakhakhaakhk… oh well, anything to get an orange chair and michael buble in the background. seriously, do we really go to the same dentist? is yours, by any chance, located in alfa indah?

    because mine does! hakhakhk!!

  3. umm, try Dr. Lita in Bintaro (sector 3A), but I think the bills will kill you, too. this Alfa Indah doctor that you went to, any chance it was tante Mila?

  4. no. it was tante Yenni. she’s damn good. m sticking with her, i think. who’s this tante Mila?

  5. I hate going to the dentist … hehehe. Most dentists are tante-tante, ya? Geek = Dentist? Well, I’ve never met a cool or handsome dentist, so … hehehe :p

  6. yea why do you call your dentist tante? if it was a mle dentist would you call him om?

  7. i’m a dentist fetish hoho….
    if it’s possible i’d rather spend my weekend on the dentist chair (with any color) than going to the mall. really. haha..
    what i concern most is the hygiene, and thanks to student health insurance card, i get discount every time i visit the dentist.
    huhu, it has been 3 months since my last trip to the dentist, pengennn…

  8. my mom is dentist, so dentist room was my playground in my childhood.
    the best part, i never pay for going to dentist coz now my sister and my brother in law also dentists… lucky me…bhwahahaha…
    but, yes, dentist’s bill can kill our wallet, especially in big city like jkt . they’re too fancy.

  9. Ah, then we go to different clinic. Mine (and my daughter’s) dentist is in Kemang. However, as much as I don’t have any problem going to a dentist, I still refuse to call myself a dentist fetish though.
    For some obvious reasons

  10. my dentist is somewhat a MILF, everytime i go there she always ask me to reduce my alcohol comsumption because it weakens the enamel (??). but i never listen to her 🙂

  11. Hanny: if a guy is handsome and gay, he’d be a model. if a guy is handsome and straight, he’d be a lawyer. if a guy is handsome and sexually confused, he’d be an artist. as for dentists? hm. maybe the cute ones became orthodontists. i heard they make more money installing braces. bwahahakhakhak…

    Bebe: i don’t call my dentist ‘tante’. it’s simply ‘doc’. i’m just so afraid that if i call her something else, she’ll drill too deep.

    Stella: you sick sick sicko. bwahaahahakhakhk!!!

    Lila: hm… you give me an inspiration. i’m gonna tell my kids to become dentists.

    Silverlines: there is no such thing as a ‘dentist fetish’ except for our friend Stella, here. heeheeeheeee!!

    Bebe: as long as you don’t go there tipsy, sweetie. otherwise i’m gonna have to come with you everytime you see this MILF dentist… :D:D

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