Twelve Thoughts on American Idols 6

In My American Idol Addiction on March 12, 2007 at 1:22 am

Here I am again, albeit two days late, talking about the American Idol 2007 Top 12 finalists. Oh well, let’s begin.

Who I think deserves to be at the top 12:

Melinda Melinda Doolittle. Oh I’ve been rooting for this girl since audition weeks! Her name reminds me of Eliza Doolittle from the musical ‘My Fair Lady’. You know, the girl with incomprehensible Cockney accent. However, Melinda is far from incomprehensible. She’s eloquent -though shy at times- and as Simon Cowell said on the last top 24 concert: she’s a little tiger when it comes to singing. I love this girl and I think she’d go places with her big voice. Her loveable attitude and sensible clothing made me forget her short neck -which, by the way, can be disguised if she would just quit the high collars, wear more boatneck tops and show some shoulders. Other than that, she puts the capital F in Fantastic. Prediction: Top 2.

LakishaLakisha Jones. Another great voice in the lineup. Her full figure reminded me of season five’s Mandisa Hundley. As I read in other Idol-oriented blogs, this girl could go places if she doesn’t go all preachy and hating the gays. Let’s just hope she doesn’t pull anything silly, because I’ve got the ideal final night going on in my head: Lakisha VS Melinda. Only this can be the ultimate Idol finals of all time. Ruben VS Clay was good. Taylor VS Katharine was okay. But Lakisha VS Melinda, now that’s tough because I won’t know who I’m cheering for. Prediction: Obviously, top 2.

StephanieStephanie Edwards. Good package. Pretty, stylish and a good singer. She reminds me of season four’s Nadia Turner. A bit out of Lakisha and Melinda’s league, but I believe she’d be an entertaining part for the finals. Popularity aside, I’m guessing she’d be at least at the top five. She should stop singing Beyonce‘s songs, though. Not only she’ll sound like a wannabe, she’ll have a hard time beating the two above. But again, I love her style. She might not have the voice factor, but she’s got the ‘it’ factor. Prediction: Top 3.

JordinJordin Sparks. The only thing missing from her is age. Maturity, however, plays an important role on performing. You can’t be all choked up, get emotional and sing flawlessly at the same time unless you’re Whitney Houston. But she’s great, anyways. Would be good to have an all-female top 5 at the end with her in the lineup. Prediction: Top 3-ish. Wouldn’t want her to end up like Lisa Tucker from Season 5. She’s a lot better!
ChrisChris Sligh. Who can ever forget the ‘You guys are probably wondering why I call this meeting today’ antic? He cracks up the judges and not many people in the Idols history were able to do that. Good thing he can sing well so he stood out from the rest of the guys who are, I’m sad to say, mediocre. Yeah. This year the guys failed to impress me. My prediction for Chris: top five.

BrandonBrandon Rogers. Loving his voice. Love love loving it. Bad choices of songs for the past four weeks, though. But I am damn sure that given the right tunes, he’d fly into the top five, and will be battling against the ladies. Would be good to hear him perform a duet with co-ex-backup singer: Melinda Doolittle. My prediction: somewhere between top five or top six.

BlakeBlake Lewis. I hate the beat-boxing. Really. He managed to impress me when he stepped out of his voice-scratching ‘ability’, but when he get on to it again the following week, it was simply annoying. But hey, he’s got the ‘now’ factor and his personality is kinda cool. So for the sake of good TV, bring him on to the finals. His voice ain’t bad anyway. Prediction: voice-wise he’d be out by the fourth week. TV-production-wise, if I were the producer and have control over the votes, I’d keep him up to the top six.

Who I think are just lucky:

GinaGina Glocksen. Oh girl, you shouldn’t be that fierce. Seriously, this girl is so ambitious I think sometimes it scares even herself. Her mediocre voice is almost nothing compared to the ladies I’ve written before. In the land of Antonella Barbas, Haley Scarnatos and Leslie Hunts she might be the Queen. But in the reality of Lakisha Jones, Melinda Doolittle, Stephanie Edwards and Jordin Sparks, she really is just the backup singer. Prediction: Out by the third week.

Chris RChris Richardson. Not cute enough, not good enough, not Idol material enough. At least last season’s Ace Young got the looks to cover up his mediocrity. This guy is mediocre everywhere. He’ll need a vocal coach, a damn good stylist to convince him to go clean when he shaves and a lot of Simon Cowell to tell him he’s plain lucky. Prediction: Out by the second week.

PhilPhil Stacey. If his wife hadn’t given birth at the audition day, I am almost 90% sure that this guy won’t make the cut. Story-wise, he had given the show one of the most memorable TV moments. Voice-wise? Hell, I’m just surprised why America thinks he’s better than Jared Cotter. Now that he’s in the finals, let’s just hope he’ll manage to keep up with the likes of Chris Sligh… and of course, the ladies. Prediction: Out by the fourth week.

Who I think shouldn’t have made it:

SanjayaSanjaya Malakar. Look don’t get me wrong, aside from the hair, I love this little boy. I seriously do. He’s got the million-dollar smile, the smooth voice, the perfect choice of songs… but he wasn’t pushing himself that much. It probably works if he only has to beat the likes of Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson, unfortunately, he has to face some tigers in the circus right now. If he makes it to the top five, or top seven for that matter, I couldn’t help but recall the time Simon Cowell got all upset when the people of Hawaii won’t quit voting for Jasmine Trias of season three. Please, people. Jasmine Trias VS Fantasia Barrino? Ain’t that a bit apple and oranges? This, I guess had happened to Sanjaya when votes for him beat A.J Tabaldo’s and Sundance Head’s. But Simon wasn’t as outraged. Or yet to be, probably. Prediction based on vocal and performance: out by fifth week. Prediction based on popularity (and that huge Indian fan base theory): out by… well… probably would be on the top five. Let’s just hope people have regained common sense by then.

HaleyHaley Scarnato. This girl can sing, but apparently not good enough. Geez I almost forgot to write about her that I had to re-edit this post. Guess Simon Cowell was right. She is downright unmemorable. Good looks, but not enough star power. If she’d been the contestant in America’s Next Top Model, she’d be dissed constantly by the judges. No personality whatsoever. Prediction: out by the first week.

There you go, people. I’m not gonna talk about the eliminated finalists although I am still rather pissed when Sabrina Sloane got kicked out. Haley Scarnato should’ve been the one going home. As for Antonella Barba, prolly the best thing for her now is just take a vacay, stretch down on the beach and take some more nude pics. Jared Cotter should work up his contacts in Hollywood, oh I soooo can imagine him being the next Jamie Foxx. And Sundance Head can finally shave the distracting goatee off. It prolly do him good in the business. Seriously, man. It’s like a huge batch of misplaced pubic hair. Get rid of it.

Let the real competition start now!

*pictures from the official website

  1. AAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!! I made the quite similar comments in my multiply page! At that time there were still 24 of them, and these names were on my fave list: Lakisha, Melinda, Stephanie, Sabrina, Jordin, Blake and AJ.

    Sanjaya Malakar — geeze, this wimpy guy *sheesh*. Honestly, it kinda disgusted me when he had that pony tail and stupid hat – so Michael Jackson-ish. Eerie.

    And I still don’t get it why Gina Glocksen made it to the next phase and Sabrina got kicked out (she has THE voice! Ouch!). The same regret goes to the lovable AJ.. hiks hiks..

  2. whoa…
    that was what I exactly thought when I saw Lakisha for the first time: she looked like Mandisa…
    and what u wrote abot Jordin, should have applied on something like Indonesian Idol…
    they should stop making teenagers won the Indonesian Idol. Look at how teribble Ihsan and Dirly when it comes to singing…
    and that’s too bad about the beat-boxing… I love it…

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