And The Procrastinator Speaks

In Silly Posts on February 23, 2007 at 6:56 pm

I don’t know if it’s really Jakarta’s cool weather, but the past few weeks I’ve been a serious procrastinator in need of help.

Well, procrastinating plus the mild on and off flu symptoms and recurring migraine equals non-productive days.

I have been productive in my work -maybe over-productive- as I’ve always been, but somehow a huge ICK always comes upon me everytime I see my laptop / desktop computer at home.  As a result, there are somewhat very minimal urge to even drop a glance in this blog.  Uhm.  Hence the no-post situation.  I’m developing a computer-allergy.  Agh.  😦

If indeed my worst enemy is the cold weather of Jakarta, I couldn’t help but wonder:

How do those people in the North Pole get anything done?

Or maybe… this is exactly why Santa Claus only works one night every year.  Ha!

See, I’m no longer in control of what I’m writing.  It’s all blocked.  Everything stopped suddenly.  Now this is a perfect example on why I’m in this kind of mood again.  It’s Friday night, I’m trapped in the office due to the heavy rain… and all I can think about is snuggling beside my bebe -uh huh he’s asleep right now-.  Well, snuggling under the covers AND my unfinished knitting project at home.

Hey wait…

I wasn’t really procrastinating…  I was under the covers, knitting a very messy scarf (or was it a hat?) until the wee hours.  Yeah so I wasn’t procrastinating.  I’ve been somewhat productive.  Hm.

Omigod.  I’m having writer’s block indeed.  Can’t even write anything interesting about my own life for the past week.  Geez.

Oh well, maybe it’s time to go home.  But it is so fucking hard to get my ass off this chair as the rain keeps falling -even fiercely now-.  Omigod.  I’m even too lazy to get to my car and drive myself home.

What in the world is wrong with me?

  1. who says we get anything done here when it’s winter? definitely not for me. during the winter i spend my days fiddling around with my many gadgets, doing too much online shopping, and of course, sleeping in until past noon on the weekends.

  2. I was going to reply to this post, but I think I’ll do it in a couple of days.

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