Newest Addiction

In Junkie Session on February 6, 2007 at 1:46 am

Being a junkie is hard.

After overcoming my last addiction, I quickly picked up a new substance. And this new substance had been poisoning me since last Wednesday. I am having a vicious craving right now, but nobody seems to have the cure. I’ve been taking small doses of it, but I can’t get enough. I’m desperate. I’m weak. And the saddest part is… I’ll have to wait for Wednesday before I can see it, feel it and inhale it all the way up to my brains.

I need a hero to rescue me.

Well, make that HEROES, if you will.


Mais oui, mes amis. Je suis une accro. So what.

And I’m going to say this at my next H.A.A (read: Heroes Addict Anonymous) meeting:

“Hi, I’m Miund and I’m a ‘Heroes’ junkie. I haven’t any interest in sobering up and I’m here to join you all in search of useless hidden theories and symbols, studying the art wasting time perfectly and drooling over the characters’ superpowers. I’ve read tons of episode guides available on the internet plus all the spoilers attached to them, but I can’t seem to stop myself from wanting to see them first hand. So, until next Wednesday, people.”

Attention to fellow junkies:  small doses of inhales can be found here. Spoiler alert.  Oh come on, if you’re a real Heroes junky, you won’t mind the spoilers.  You’ll be craving more.  Trust me.

This officially beats my Amazing Race Asia and American Idol severe infatuations which are now known as very mild addictions. Seriously.

  1. heroes is da new lost

  2. if Heroes Addict Anonymous is really anonymous… then why did you introduce yourself: “Hi, I’m Miund”?

  3. awhhhh, i know how that feels.
    i even dream about the series…
    huaaaa T.T
    havent watched anything after the season break, issit over yet? the break i mean.

    and totally agree with the spoiler thing. i dont mind at all.

    hiro kun ga mitaiiii xD

  4. I thought I saw Heroes before in a commercial or a magazine ad, but haven’t really had the chance to see the series. I’m currently stuck with Lost, though I’m still not sure if the new season has started. The last series I religiously watched was x-files… some time ago…

    Is this the one every Wednesday at 9PM in Astro?

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