Congratulations Zab & Joe Jer :)

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction, TV Talk on February 4, 2007 at 11:46 pm

Zabrina-Joe Jer Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present before you.. the first official winners of The Amazing Race Asia:  Zabrina & Joe Jer!  I missed the primetime show, but I managed to cover my ears and blocked my phone from fellow TARA fans who wanted to keep me updated on who won the race.  I got home at eleven-ish Thursday night, safe and dry from the flood, turned on AXN and waited patiently for the rerun.  When it finally aired on 00.00 a.m, I was -as usual- hanging on the edge of my seat, anxiously waiting for the end.

Will it be the most attractive couple?
Will it be the cute couple?
Will it be the girls?

And it was the girls who reached the finish line.  I was always rooting for my M&M.  But when they got eliminated in Dubai,  I seriously don’t know who to root for, because all the three final teams who competed was really strong and really good!  I ended up rooting for each and every team, screaming my lungs out… alone in my room.  People must think I’m nuts.

Oh well.

I loved the fact that the girls won, because not only they’re the first winners of the Asian version of TAR, they also made history for they are the first all-female team in the whole competition.  Seriously, I really think they rock!

This, my friends, is the moment where I decide:  I’m trying out for the next Amazing Race Asia.  Baby, are you coming with me?

  1. go miund go…
    i’ll be rooting for you


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