Jakarta. Flooded.

In Daily Annoyance on February 3, 2007 at 12:35 pm

Ah the perks of living in Jakarta.

02 February 2002, 11.00 p.m.
Location: Chilli’s Sarinah Thamrin
People: Andi, Dito & Me
Ocassion: Afterwork Supper and Drinks

“I’m going home, you guys. It’s starting to rain. I don’t feel too good anyway”
“One more round, Miund. Please”
“No, I’ve got to preserve my eyesight. It’s raining and I can’t afford to drunk-drive”
“It’s just beer!”
“Yeah but I’ve gotta pass. I’ll join you guys tomorrow at BC if you want”
“Don’t drive tomorrow. We’ll take you home”
“I won’t. Promise. Besides I’m gonna be stuck here for Top 41 all day anyway. No point of bringing a car with me”
“Goodie! Bye girl”

I left Andi and Dito at Sarinah Thamrin Chilli’s, running to my car and got in. Wow. The rain is getting harder. I thought about somebody having a birthday bash at a club at South Jakarta. Will anybody appear at her party after all? Rumor has it that she closed the whole club and made it ‘for invitations only’. Oh well.

I drove home very slowly as the rain gets harder and the storm started tearing up the skies. For a second there, I didn’t know where I was as a huge whiteness surrounded my car. I couldn’t see a thing.

My cell rang, distracting me for a bit. I thought to myself: no, don’t pick up. Concentrate.

So I didn’t.

I glanced to my right, vaguely saw the flickering red lights that said ‘OUTBACK Steakhouse’. Great. I’m in front of Ratu Plaza. Hm. It’s weird. I was driving rather slowly from Sarinah in heavy pour and now I’m in front of Ratu Plaza already? I glanced at my speedometer.

100 km/h.

For the love of God. I slowed down, but my heart is beating three times faster. I didn’t even realize that I was driving that fast!

About fifteen minutes later I reached home. The dryland. My parents were practically yelping because I didn’t pick up the phone. I ignored them, and went to my room. It’s 12.35 p.m. already and I decided to call my friends who I presumed were stuck at Chilli’s.

“Dude! Are you still in Chilli’s?”
“No kidding. Are you gonna stay over at the office, then?”
“Well Dito’s gonna, but I’m convincing him to just go to a hotel nearby”

I heard Dito’s voice in the bacground saying, “How are we gonna GET to the hotel, moron?”

I laughed, “You guys have issues. Stay dry. I’m home already by the way”
“You are?? We thought you checked in at the Mandarin or at the Hilton midway”
“I might look like a million dollars, boys. But really, I’m not THAT rich”
“Yeah we think so too. So, you still comin’ to the office tomorrow?”
“I’ll have to see what happens. Besides it’s Saturday tomorrow anyway”
“Okay. See ya.”

I never get to the office the next day because Sarinah Thamrin (and the whole Jakarta area) was flooded and apparently there are a person who died electrocuted nearby. Scary.

02 February 2007 – 06.30 a.m.

I woke up to this SMS:

Stand by at home. Jakarta might be paralyzed due to the flood. Please watch the news and keep yourself updated. Will notify if the shooting gets cancelled. – Boss.

Logged into the internet and yes, there were tons of reports of Jakarta’s flooded areas.

Stuck at home with no food. No tukang sayur is around. Compound’s entrance flooded. – Colleague 1.

Shoot WILL be cancelled, I think. Besides the studio IS in the flooded area anyway. – Colleague 2.

Internet connection dropped at 10.00 a.m.

An official notification came around 1.30 p.m.

No shoot today. Everywhere’s flooded. – TV Producer.

I rolled in to bed, curled under the covers once again, got bored with the news and watched ‘The Bodyguard’ on CineMax. Whitney Houston was still crappy, but Kevin Costner was handsome as hell.

Am considering this a long weekend. Should be happy to get an extra day-off, but I’m not really that amused.

To those whose belongings got swept away by the flood, I feel for you.

  1. I thought for a moment that you would share something fun in the flood… 🙂 by the way, the dates are a bit confusing… 🙂

  2. hi bleu! 🙂 the dates aren’t confusing. i just remember the exact day when Jakarta was flooded five years ago. 😀

    oh man, there’s nothing fun about being -almost- trapped in a flood. it’s more fun to curl under the covers. seriously.

  3. I got SMS from all over JKT too. My old place has turned into a river (there is only a sewer near by – how strange).. I miss Jakarta, but I am pretty sure I am happy I don’t have to do my shopping by rubberboat. Good luck there Miund.

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