Overheard in a Party

In Eavesdroppin' on January 21, 2007 at 3:33 pm

“Hey dude! Nice to meet ya again”
“Nice to meet ya too man. So you got into the guest list?”
“Uh huh”

“Did they charge you anything?”
“Um yeah, we had to pay the FDC. But that’s cool”
“What?” *looking furious*
“Shouldn’t we pay?”
“No you should not, you were on the guest list
“So are you going to talk to somebody about it?”
“Umm..” *hesitant*
“Naah, let’s just go in. But hide your drink tickets. You’ll get the free flow inside”
“Okay. Hey, whose wedding after party is this again?”
“Oh, it’s X and Y’s”
“Your friends?”
“I barely know them”

Thought party-crashing ended in college. Glad it didn’t, though.

“You know I think that girl is flirting with him… and him”
“Yeah. She seems easy. Look at that outfit! Oh God. How the hell…”
“Speak no more. I got where you’re going”
“Bwahahahahakahakhakk!!! You sure do. Great minds think alike”

When the drinks are pouring and the people start slurring.

“That bartender is flirting with me!”
“Girl, that’s impossible. Your boyfriend’s here and he couldn’t take his hands off you”
“I know! What a nerve”
“Hey, do bartenders here do this for a living or just on the side?”
“For a living, I guess”
“Do they get like… a lot?”
“Who cares?”
“You know, what does your boyfriend do?”
“He’s an ex-bartender”

Career talk is definitely NOT a good party conversation.

“I think that girl is weird” *referring to the flirty girl above*
“Yeah. But mind you, she’s his cousin”
“Whose cousin?”
“His cousin”
“The guy she’s been grinding all night?”
“See how I think she’s weird?”
“Like DUH!”

Seriously. It’s not the alcohol. Tipsiness: you drink it. Weirdess: you’re born with it.

Thank you baby, for a wonderful Saturday night. I love you.

By the way, Happy Anniversary 🙂

  1. you know… especially after you’re drunk your ability to eavesdrop increases by 50%. either that or you’re just hearing stuff hahaha. I had a great time with yout oo darling.. mwaahh

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