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In Girl Talk, Obsessed To Possess on January 20, 2007 at 1:38 am

Things I need A.S.A.P

1. Hair trim
2. Hair color – should I go jet black or flaming red? *help, please*
3. Pedicure – should I go french or blood red? *another help, please*
4. Much needed facial session
5. Full-body scrub (and massage)

Things I REALLY want

1. That freakishly cute Steve Madden red patent peep-toe platform shoes
2. That sickeningly beautiful Chloe Edith slouchy bag
3. New mascara with arched brush – Oh I need this, actually
4. New make-up line – I’m thinking M.A.C
5. A new Victoria Secret body spray – kinda bored with the one (Pear) I have now
6. A vacation to Bali with my Bebe

Things I kinda want

1. iPod Nano -whatever gigabyte is fine by me…
2. A trip to Singapore with my Bebe, to watch The Phantom of The Opera *sigh*
3. Durian -Lots of it
4. That silver Zara evening dress

Ugh. So much for trying to prioritize. Guess I’m back to ground zero:

I want everything written above REAL BAD!

  1. girl, let me help you out here… ok i’ve summarized and prioritized things FOR YOU. here are the things you need need to have ASAP:
    – you should have flaming red hair with blood red pedicure
    – get the red shoes from steven madden
    – and let’s go to bali with me… so we can plan on our singapore trip there

    there… how bout that??

  2. actually, dear, i was hinting out for valentine’s day…


    just kidding baby. okay, you’ve helped me there a little 😉

  3. jet black hair with blood-red pedicure!

    umm, steve madden shoes hurts. forget about it. go get Nine West.

  4. get the peep-toe shoes.
    *a sucker for anything peep toe haha*

  5. I LOVE Steve Madden shoes, and actually have a pair of them, RED ballerinas! Super-cute and super-comfy.

    As for others.. get jet-black color and red toe nails.

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