(I Will Never Try) Playing God (Again)

In Weird Philosophy on January 17, 2007 at 12:34 am

I once got into a discussion with my darling about why God created good things and “allowed” bad things in this world and as I vaguely remember, this was how the discussion went:

“Why did God create poverty? Wouldn’t it be great if all the world’s residents are rich?”
“I think, baby, God is an artist”
“What do you mean?”
“You see, when you paint… there aren’t just red on the canvas. There are blue, white and a dash of black. If we analogize the bright colors as the good things in life and the dark colors as the bad things in life, if the two is put very tactfully in a huge canvas… they will make good harmony”
“I can see your point. But why?”
“Maybe the ‘why’ should be kept to ourselves because the objects can never read the artist’s mind. Like when you play the Sims, probably”

I played The Sims many times, and I love every second of it. I love playing God to the senseless sims who think they have a mind of their own, telling him or her what to do, when to pee, who to kiss and what job to take. I like making my sim swim in the pool just to eliminate the pool ladder to see how long the sim will survive before dying out of exhaustion. And I laugh everytime that happens. I love making them fall in love, get married and have a sim kid of their own. But I do like to insert a commotion by urging another sim to flirt with the married sim. It just makes me so giggly whenever they’re thrown into a fight. I feel for my sim if they got left behind by their partner. But I just couldn’t resist putting some drama in each of my sims’ lives.

In short, I love experimenting the things I could never ever do in real life: controlling other people’s lives just for the sake of my own enjoyment. I don’t have to feel guilty for the decisions I make for my sim because at the end of the day, I’ll just save the game, turn off my computer and take a long refreshing shower before bed. People would never question my doings for my sim because it is just a game and there will never be a serious impact coming out from it.

From my deep thorough self-reflections above, today I made a decision for myself:

1. Never ever try to make any decision for anybody for any reason at any time
2. Never ever try to question God and His sense of humor
3. Never ever think about trying to play God about anything except when playing The Sims and writing a screenplay

And the conclusion of this short post:

Human beings can never beat God’s will, because He’s The Greatest and He would never just take away the pool ladder and laugh devilishly like me. God is good to people, hence I, nor any other human being in this entire world could ever come close to be God. Because if we are given such power, there will never be a good balance between the ‘good things’ and the ‘bad things’. And we’ll become such stupid artists, delivering such terrible works of art. And that will be doomsday in just five seconds.

Human beings are nothing compared to God. Amen to that.

*to whoever is going under a rough time. my thoughts are with you. hang in there*

  1. it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna quit playing the sims, aight?


  2. Hmmm, the art analogy is interesting. I guess you could use music, too.

  3. Bebe:

    I haven’t been playing The Sims again for quite a long time now. I want to start again, but I’m just so afraid that I’ll lose my job if I do. The self-control is HARD. Guess this is why I never ever want to try drugs 😀 I am so prone to addiction of any kind… and that includes LOVE.

    Yeah, music is interesting too, but I studied art so there 😀 thanks for stopping by, dude!

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