A Clubber’s Lament

In Silly Posts on January 15, 2007 at 12:48 am

I’m not much of a clubber.

Well… that’s not entirely true.

I had my clubbing heyday when I was a wee bit younger. You know, being out after work… having dinner, pre-party cocktails and the next thing will be dancing on top of the bar, not knowing who got you there and such. Yeah. Can’t say I remember much because I just don’t. I didn’t do much on my party days. Just downing some booze, accepting drinking games challenges half-heartedly and had my share of alcohol in a very responsible manner for I was almost always the designated driver on the way home.

In short, I was a goodie-goodie when it comes to parties.

Then came my ‘retirement’ days. The days where I don’t go anymore to parties because there was never any reason to. I came to parties to be seen, to be remembered and to meet new people because my work required me to do so. When I submit my resignation in 2002, I apparently resigned from all Jakarta’s hippest clubs. And as I always do on any resignation situation… I never look back.

I met my darling in 2006, and this party animal was yearning to go out. So I went back into the city’s clubbing scene. It was so weird because whenever I bumped into old familiar faces, they did the head-tilt routine after they hug a veteran: “So, what made you come back, really?” And I did the smile and shrug routine, saying: “Just feel like coming back.”

Nowadays I rarely bump into my old party crowd. They apparently had grown old and tired of the town’s glittery night life. Some got married and sworn off parties forever, and some went north and parties notoriously that I personally couldn’t imagine the things they do at those so-called ‘party places’. My darling takes me into the newer generation of party goers and they’re fun too. The only grudge I have regarding Jakarta parties nowadays is:

Why the hell do these people look ‘bored’ despite of the wildness around them?


Well, that’s not entirely true again. I have lots of grudges when going to parties nowadays. Parties aren’t what they used to be anymore. Clubs are getting swankier by the minute, bouncers are getting scarier by the second and the partygoers are getting younger and thinner as the night goes by. What happened to the good old BC Bar next to Hard Rock Cafe days? What happened to going to clubs not caring of what you’re wearing -no sandals rule still apply here-? What happened to ‘looking excited and dancing the night away’ attitude? What happened to enjoying the music without having to get wasted? Why does it have to be about the booze all the time? And speaking of booze, what happened to sweet drinks nowadays? Aren’t they trendy anymore?

I’m an old crack when it comes to dance music. I hate the throbbing sounds of techno or whatever they call it. I want to dance to the music I can sing to. I want to laugh and do silly moves like ‘the robot’. I want my drinks to be refreshing, sweet and strong.

The only thing I like about clubs nowadays is that the people are getting more and more ignorant, they just don’t care if you kiss and make out in the dance floor. But the rest? Not really. The clubs are usually too crowded with beautiful people who just stand there, holding their drinks and/or cigarettes with a look in their faces that says: “This place is getting old. I’m leaving in five minutes. No, hang on, make it fifteen. Nobody I know has seen me here yet.”

Two days ago my darling introduced me to one of his friend’s friend. A girl. And from the first time we chatted, I knew we’re on the similar wavelength. The next night we all went out together. Me and my darling, and she with her boyfriend. We danced, did our silly silly moves, went all sexy when dancing with our respective boyfriends, and screamed in unison everytime the dj plays retro songs that we could sing along to. And we weren’t even drunk. Afterall, how can one sing along without slurring if one is drunk?

And I hereby state that I’ve found a party buddy who I feel comfortable partying with -aside from my darling, that is. So sad that she’s only around until April.

So, with all due respect for the gods behind the turntables, I have a request: would you please kindly stop the constant ‘bum bum bum’ and replace it with some vocals once in a while? Sometimes, a veteran (read: old crack) needs a break from Tiesto-ish sounds and just want to sing out loud while doing the robot to Cheryl Lynn’s ‘Gotta Be Real’ half sober. Why half sober? Because that’s where things get really fun. Need references? You can enquire valuable info from Zanzibar graduates. They’ll tell you what to do.

And I promise you, dear wonderful djs… when that happens, I won’t just stand there trying to look skinny with a bored look on my face. I’ll dance. And scream. And laugh.


  1. thanks for coming out with me last weekend darling. and please bear with the party fast lane, things do change… and yes that includes crowds and music in the ol party world 😉 i’m up for any kind of changes toward the better…. are you??? hahahaha

  2. well yeah, I’ll have to work harder on that. after going out with me for quite some time now, maybe you know by now that I’m not that big on changes.

    but hey, I did rave, grind and sweat on the dancefloor with you everytime we go out no matter what music is playing. so I think I’m doing good 😉

  3. yea, actually i wouldnt know that you didnt like the music and crowd in the clubs ive taken you to if you didnt write this entry. because you always manage to dance oh-so-sexily on the dancefloor 🙂

  4. aaawww bebeeeee…

    you always say the rightest words *blush*

    as for ‘dancing oh-so-sexily’, i honestly think it depends on who i’m dancing with, sweetie 🙂 you should’ve seen me dancing on the bar. i looked like an imbecile back then, doing my ‘chandler and joey’ moves!


  5. baby, if you ever sworn off parties forever (knock on wood) please please don’t drag me with you 🙂

  6. “partygoers are getting thinner and younger as THE NIGHT GOES BY”? hahaha or “as the beer goes dry”? cos there’s a saying “drink ’till she’s cute” young & think could mean cute.

  7. I officially quit clubbing as soon as I graduated from college. Because I felt old. Much older than the other clubbers. Boy, that’s depressing. To-date, I don’t think I can ever date any man who loves clubbing. Which is why I salute you for putting up with your charming club-goer there altho your heart was not completely in it, hehehe.

  8. aww..
    look at these lovebirds 🙂
    I think places are not important as long as you are with the right person
    am i right or right, Und? 😉

  9. that’s right, ella! 😉

  10. Hey I share your sentiment!

    (Dont know how i found you but i enjoy reading your stuff. Greetings from KL!)

  11. Anne:
    Guess that’s the perks of dating a younger man 😉 I love it, tho!

    You bet. He’s everywhere I want to be with 🙂

    Hi there girl! I’ve visited your blog and your Bahasa Melayu blog, but I couldn’t post any comments there. I just wanna tell you that I enjoyed reading your stuff and peeking at your flickr too. Great shots you have there 🙂 Oh, and yeah, CLASSIC DISCO RULES!

  12. Thanks babe! I’m off to Bali tomorrow.Yeahoo!

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