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In Me Likey, Obsessed To Possess on January 13, 2007 at 4:21 pm


I’m over my so-called whirlwind. Like any other red-blooded girl, I did a lot of retail therapy, which -in my case- didn’t cost me a thing. I windowshopped online and visited tons of fashion blogs. Why blogs? It’s good to find honest reviews of what’s coming into the market and what’s gonna be hot in 2007. When visiting online stores, all I can do is curse because they sell stuff in US dollars and most don’t even recognize Indonesia as a country filled with people such as I that they won’t deliver any of their good goodies here. Damn political situations.

Well anyway, aside from my daily Shoewawa and WhoDoYouThinkHeAre addiction, I bumped into some blogs and websites that I’d love to share with my online girl friends. Here they are in random order:

1. Perpetualkid
If you, like me, love novelty items on just about anything, Perpetualkid is your heaven. I spent hours browsing through their neat catalogue. My favorite is their novelty Demeter Cologne line with unique scents like ‘sushi’, ‘cannabis’ and ‘humidor. I could imagine the rest of the collection featuring ‘bubble gum’, ‘cotton candy’ and ‘birthday cake’ scents. I even understand the need of fresh ‘paint’ scent because it’s so good to enter a newly-painted room. But ‘sushi’? This tickled my curiosity and I must, MUST get my hands on that one before I go all crazy. It’s only $ 18.99 a piece, and what drives me nuts is the fact that they don’t deliver to Indonesia. AGH!

2. The Purse Blog
You can’t buy anything in here but they write awesome (and honest) handbag reviews. I fell in love with this blog when I was making my personal designer stuff wishlist -will be posted later-. The owners, Meg and Vlad, write and show the hottest purses in the world. While I usually laugh at people who purchase handbags that cost the same as a car’s down payment, I’m just a girl who dreams about owning at least one original lavish designer bag someday (and by designer I mean a Chloe Edith. To me a Kelly or a Birkin Bag is still too ‘tante-tante’). Been a silent reader of this blog and I gotta tell you, they rock! So ladies, if you need your handbag reference, you know where to go now.

3. I Am Fashion
For a more down-to-earth fashion reviews, this blog is the best. It just seems like the writers do have good taste and they just proved to me -and the rest of the world- that style isn’t always expensive. Kudos for a non-obnoxious approach to fashion writing πŸ™‚ I’ll keep coming back, gals.

4. Go Fug Yourself
There are people who said that my beloved Indonesian celeb-bashing blog is a copycat of this site. I personally don’t care because obviously people of Go Fug Yourself don’t even know that fashion-unconscious celebs such as Agnes Monica even exists. Why do we have to make such a big deal out of it? True that the idea of celeb bashing is kinda similar, but hey, if you’re okay with tons of ‘infotainment’ shows on our TVs than you’re supposed to be okay with this kind of similarities. Afterall, they bash American celebs while they bash Indonesian *sigh* famous faces. That’s quite a huge difference already, no?

Oh well. I have to take a shower now. Mr. Cutie is coming to pick me up for a movie date. Will post my wishlist later.

  1. i prefer WDYTHA v.1. It was intellectually sarcastic and witty. The new version of it is more like percakapan-mbak-mbak-ga-sekolah to me. :D. hihihi..

  2. here are some sites that I always go to whenever I’m stuck in boring conf calls πŸ˜›




  3. cos the other write is in rehab… she writes better than mbak diah, mbak diah is more like writing-bad-stuff-about-bad-fashion-just-for-the-sake-of-it kinda writer πŸ™‚ but is till like the site tho, good read. funny… and celebs with bad dresses do deserve catty comments hehehe

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