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In Entertainment, My Amazing Race Asia Addiction, TV Talk on December 15, 2006 at 1:43 pm

I got addicted to many silly things. The Onion, smoking when blogging, etc. But there’s a new addiction that keeps me restless every Thursday night. The sensation is similar to those I had when I was in sixth grade that occured every Friday nights back then, not wanting to miss any episode of MacGyver. Not even a bit. Except this time around, it’s not the handy man with a mullet… it’s an action-packed race around the world, the Asian version…

The Amazing Race Asia.

I’ve been a true fan of the original US Amazing Race series for a very long time and I know the show like the back of my hand (yeah, where’s the back and where’s the front of one’s hand anyway? He would say this everytime I use the expression). And I’ve been wanting to go on the show but I guess I better learn how to bungee jump and conquer my fear of heights first because the more I watch the show, the more extreme the tasks get. When I first heard that AXN was going to air The Amazing Race Asia, I was ecstatic! From that time on, I made sure that nothing is going to get in my way on Thursday nights. Well, I made sure to watch the rerun at eleven thirty at the least.

So anyway, after watching six episodes of the fast-paced (uh huh, it’s even faster than the US version) race… here are my comments on the show, the teams and the handsome Chinese-American host.

The Show

Overall, it has the feel of “Amazing Race”… only with more brutal height-oriented tasks. I like watching people jump from extreme heights, but I didn’t expect to watch it for two episodes in a row. When they first took the leap of faith in New Zealand’s Sky City (episode 5), I was wowed. Especially the touching scene where Marsio cried when his brother took the leap and did it for him. It was a good dramatic scene and it showed that even grown up men can still feel the brotherly bond between them. Good TV. But… when they jump again on AJ Hackett Bungee Swing and took yet another bungee jump on the roadblock (both on episode 6), it kinda thrown away the ‘goodness’ of the previous episode. I’d be happier to see more native New Zealand-ish tasks, um I don’t know, maybe something involving sheeps rather than jumping two times in a single episode.

I loved the Jakarta episode where teams are supposed to push a bakso cart while singing “Abang Tukang Bakso”. It was so freaking funny as they had to keep their balance -not spilling the soy sauce in the bowl-, while pushing the cart and try to sing this very weird kiddie song (again, I don’t know why they said it’s a ‘traditional’ song. It’s a kiddie song, people!). The Bali tasks were rather boring, especially the elephant ride. I was like, “So??” They rode on elephants not racing with elephants.

Aside from everything, I like how the Amazing Race Asia cleverly hides the product placements and merges them into the tasks. What I think worked best was the Fast Forward task in episode 2. Prashant and Sahil, the male models from India searched of a student with a Sony Walkman that played the right track. That was awesome. Kind of reminded me of a task in the US Amazing Race season five (was it?) when the teams had to search the right tango dancer among about fifty lookalikes that kept on dancing while they were doing it. Mind-boggling and tiring… and my kind of task!

On to the teams now 🙂

Mardy-Marsio Mardy and Marsio. Indonesia’s underdog team. They seem pretty ‘regular’ to me at first, but as a true Indonesian, I rooted for them anyway -and still rooting now-. Their big figures are somewhat their biggest obstacle in completing the tasks. Not that they don’t have the brawns for ’em… it’s just that sometimes, they can’t get into jumpsuits provided by the race coordinators (this happened in the go-kart track in Malaysia, the shark tank at Australia and the off-road track at New Zealand). So it wasn’t about muscular abilities. It’s purely about size, and I was hanging at the edge of my seat when I saw how they had to wait for the right sized off-road suit and got to be last on their bikes when they could’ve been one of the first to depart (ep 6). Whatever it is that troubling team M&M, I’ll root for them until the very end.

Francesca-SandyA physical contrast to the Indonesian team, the very attractive couple from Hong Kong, Francesca and Sandy, caught my eyes from the very beginning of the show. Francesca is a model and Sandy is a fitness instructor. How physically lovely can that get? And although they had some unfortunate situations at the beginning of the race, it seems like starting from episode four, these two are showing off their physical fitness that are indeed their main feature. I loved watching these two because they don’t seem like they are afraid of anything. I love how Sandy is very affectionate to Francesca (especially when he kisses her shoulder whenever they’re riding in a cab). Haha!

Aubrey-Jaq The perky Filipinas, Aubrey and Jaq, had also been my favorite team. I raved for them in the first two episodes, but by the beginning of episode 3 in Bali, I began to lose interest. I was glad that they were eliminated because their perkiness could become fairly annoying if they got through the whole race. But then, I missed their personalities the most because I see no other team with the same enthusiasm and laughs after these two were eliminated. As for wit and competitiveness…

Zabrina-Joe JerThank God Zabrina and Joe Jer are still in the race! The Malaysian girls are my next all-girl team favorite. These two light up the screen every time with strategies and witty comments. They are very competitive, but far from being nasty to other contestants. I guess they still have the ‘Melayu’ politeness inside of them which is great for the show. My favorite was when Zabrina conquered her fear of snakes in episode two. She was crying but she bravely went inside the snakepit anyway to retrieve the clue. And Joe Jer was deathly terrified to bungee jump in episode six, but she went anyway, screaming and all. Hats off to these ultra adventurous women!

Ernie-JeenaErnie and Jeena, the couple from Philippines got eliminated in Jakarta (ep 2). Too bad I didn’t get to know this team too well, because they seem fun. They’ve been married for ten years and yes, they sound like an old married couple. And that’s very lovely! My favorite part of their short-lived adventure was when Jeena directed Ernie in pushing the bakso cart. That was so funny. Well they weren’t that lucky, because I believed that had they not been eliminated, these two would’ve been able to carry on with extreme tasks.


 Prashant and Sahil, the pretty boys from India.  They look good but they weren’t so good at competition.  These two were among those who are very determined and go to extra lengths to achieve their goals.  Even if it takes a bit of ‘evil’ to do it.  Well, justice was served and the two were eliminated from the race because they broke a rule on episode 5.  Taking a ride on a private vehicle?  Tsk.  Guys, you should’ve known better.  And claiming that you didn’t know there was such rule when you get to the Pitstop?  Tsk.  Tsk. Tsk.

Laura-AndyAnother very ambitious team in the race.  Andy and Laura who had been unlucky at the first episodes are now climbing their way up with so-called ‘attitude’.  Laura had injured her knee in episode 5, but it didn’t stop the two to race and when they mean race, they mean bloodbath.  Lady luck frowned at them when Andy got stopped by a New Zealand police for speeding.  And as if it’s not enough… they got themselves a 92-minute penalty on the next leg.  Laura seemed a bit frowny after the injury, they weren’t as lovey dovey as Francesca and Sandy, but I think getting frowny isn’t gonna do anything anyway.

Andrew-SyeonThe cute couple from Malaysia, Andrew and Syeon, are by far the most cunning team of all.  They have the habit of changing their minds on roadblocks, hiding from other teams when they get their clue and been fairly strategic throughout the race.  Their arguments sometimes show how immature they both are, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  They make a great couple, and I hope they’ll stay on the race until it ends.  Wouldn’t it be cute to watch these two in an actual lovebird moments?

Sharon-Melody I didn’t expect that these Singaporean girls, Sharon and Melody, would be eliminated so quickly!  The two had enormous tolerance of stress, great physique and good attitude.  Just what you need in these kind of races.  They were saved in episode 5 due to Prashant and Sahil’s elimination, but I thought they were going to pull it off in episode 6.  Oh well, for an all-girl team, I guess they did pretty good.  And the exit interview was very touching indeed.  Cheers to you girls 🙂

Sahran-Howard Out of all the teams that participated in the race, Sahran and Howard from Srilanka is by far my ultimate favorite to watch.  It’s so fun to watch these guys because they aren’t afraid to show their fears.  Sahran conquered his fear of heights in the first episode, although he cried all the way down, and Howard suffered from an extreme claustrophobia when he had to swim with the sharks on episode 5.  Some friends of mine and I think that they are lovers instead of the ‘best friend’ title shown in the show, but hey, lovers or not it’s still fun to watch two queens in one team.  Love them.  Simply love them.

Ahhh… finally down to my own indulgence…


The Charming Allan


Allan Wu might not be as bewitching as Phil Keoghan.  His signature “You are team number….” catchphrase is kinda annoying as he sounds like a kindergarten teacher at the Pitstops.  But I couldn’t resist the charm, the dimples… and the fabulous man-chest.  As we say in Indonesian: “Lumayan buat cuci mataaaa…” He is indeed the eye-candy of the show.  Good pick, AXN.  Good pick indeed.

Now you’ve seen how addicted I am to the show.  Geeky as it may seem, I love it.

Can’t wait for the next leg of the race!  Wooo hoooo!!




  1. setujuuuuuuu…
    love the show, and love the host…

  2. Neneng,

    Kamu mau jadi partner aku tak untuk Amazing Race Asia 2? It’s my goal to be the participant, tapi produksinya take 30-40 days so kita harus cuti tuw… wuaaaa pengen….

  3. Hm… mesti resign kali Neng.

    Aku mau aja sih jadi partner kamyuw, tapi nanti pacarku partneran sama siapa dwong?

  4. kaosnya mas allan sama kayak yang dipake di cover Reader Digest haha.
    i think it’s the same pic xD

  5. Smoking and blogging aren’t addiction, but essential needs LOL Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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