Hi, I’m Miund and I’m a Hopeless Romantic

In Mushy :), Silly Posts on December 15, 2006 at 7:05 pm

I’ve read my blogbuddy’s story last night, and I cried.

I used to not like it when people refer to me as a ‘hopeless romantic’. I used to want to be recognized as the ‘love cynic’. The person who thinks that being lovey dovey is crap.

Now that I think back, I wonder why I was so freaking stupid.

Because being a hopeless romantic is not a sin. It helped me move on from one relationship to another. It’s not a mistake because it helped me to believe more in love. It’s not wrong because I met my Mr. Right by being my acute hopeless romantic self.

One of my male friends once said to me that the phrase ‘I Love You’ should not be uttered too much because it will kill the essence of the actual meaning. Instead, ‘I Love You’ should be shown through actions.

I say that’s a myth believed by so many Indonesian male species -and surprisingly female too. These people thinks that the words ‘I Love You’ should be delivered through catalysts such as cards, poems and songs. What they do not know is… if the means of saying those three words aren’t right and tasteful, it will turn out tackier than Rhoma Irama‘s costumes from the seventies. All in the name of avoiding to be direct.

When I once mentioned this to my parents, they said that in the olden days, it wasn’t considered polite to be direct. When a woman has feelings for a man, she must surpress it and play hard to get. Flirting is out of the question because she who flirts is instantly a hooker. When a man has feelings for a woman, it is not the woman he should declare his feelings to… it is her parents he should face first. Mind you, this is the olden days we are talking about. There is a significant difference between then and now.

To a ‘now’ girl like me, this does not make any sense.

But whatever. If I love somebody, I say it out loud and as much as possible. If he gets sick hearing me say those words, then maybe he’s not the one. It’s a good thing that I’ve found him, who isn’t afraid to show and vocalize his feelings too. And therefore, if we only have eleven hours to be together, we’ll make the most of it just like my blogbuddy did.

I know this post is pointless. But isn’t that the point of having a blog?


  1. ‘i love you’ should be delivered through actions 🙂 love you bebe

    who said that it will kill the essence of the actual meaning?

  2. “I love you”s should be delivered through actions :).
    btw Who is this guy who said that I love you shouldn’t be uttered too much??

  3. Hey ..
    I guess we are on the same boat of one-hopeless romantic here ..
    Hmmm, but I normally don’t waste time to keep what I think in mind. I’d say what I say. Not that everyone like it tho, but I know whom I like and so far they don’t mind I am being blunt and honest.

    So, let’s just continue on being a hopeless romantic, shall we ?

  4. Well… finally, I found the other of romantic hopeless than me :). Great then….

    Anyway, about “…a myth believed by so many Indonesian male species -and surprisingly…”
    Not pretending to be naive, I guess it’s kinda generalization shoot. Hehe…

    But whatever it will be, I like your anthropology point of view. Nice and smart.
    No wonder why many people gave me recommendation to visit this site.

  5. Arif: Okay I’ll rephrase the sentence…

    … a myth believed by most Indonesian male species…

    There. 😀

    Thanks for the compliment, and for stopping by. Just out of curiosity: why do those people recommended this site for you? It’s a site full of silly thoughts anyway :D:D

    Believe me, sometimes even I don’t understand what I ramble about! Hakhakahkahkakk…

  6. Silv,

    Yeah. Let’s continue being fools in love. It’s more fun that way!

  7. Bebe,

    Those words were uttered not just by one friend actually, but almost all of my male friends back in college. Biasa deeehhh cowo-cowo Seni Rupa kan gengsian… hihihihi…

  8. what is ‘hopeless romantic’ actually? 🙂

  9. It’s when you realize that you are a romantic who’s incurable. Just like you. Just like me 🙂

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