In Celebrity Talk on December 9, 2006 at 2:21 pm

stalker.jpg Showbusiness is a weird business, especially to performers. As a performer, you need fans to hold you up and keep you in the market. Fans who adore you for what you do. Fans who will keep your job going up to the point where they finally find another idol and forget about you. That’s how it works. And that’s how you as a performer could measure your professional success. However, sometimes fans -short for fanatics- can go a little bit too far. They can claim you as their lover -which you obviously are NOT-, their long lost parent -again NOT- or their imaginary spouse. And you have no choice but to be scared, because you are only human. I’ve encountered a mild incident not so long ago.

“Where are you?”
“On my way to the xxxxx. What’s wrong? You sound weird”
“I’m scared shitless”
“What’s wrong?”
“When you get to xxxxx, look for a woman named XXXX. She’s wearing a xxxxx and she looks utterly normal. She’s there waiting for me”
“She’s been stalking me for quite a long time, okay?”
“A genuine. Would you please please please shoo her away?”
“Well do ANYTHING!”
“Wait wait, how do you know she’s there?”
“She CALLED me and said she’ll be waiting for me. Look, this is serious and it’s not the first time. I freak out everytime because she is downright scary. I’ll be a no show if she’s there. I swear I will”
“Okay calm down. I’ll take care of it.”
“Let me know how things go. Call me. Please”
“Chill man, I will. Bye”

I got to my destination just in time and searched the location with a troop of security men for a woman that matched the description. We found none. After a short briefing session with the security guards, I made a phone call.

“All clear. But we have to enter from the back door just in case”
“Thank you so much. I was really freaked out”
“Dude, it’s my job. Don’t worry about it”

The incident was nothing compared to what’s been going on inside my head. Aside from the fact that they are mentally imbalanced, what made these stalkers do what they are doing in the first place?

A long time ago, I read a fan letter written by a maniac, addressed to a former game show host. I remembered vividly that there was a line that said:

… how can you abandon your own children? They are suffering from your lack of attention and they miss your presence at our loving home…

Attached was a cut out picture of about five starving kids taken from a freaking magazine. I threw away the hand-written letter and felt a sudden mad case of goosebumps.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like for them, if the celebs played along with the game they play. Would they be satisfied? Would John Lennon still be alive? And these people… these so-called ‘fanatics’, why do they kill the person they adore the most? It just doesn’t make any sense. You might kidnap them, force them to have dinner with your family and pretend that the celeb is actually married to you. But you don’t kill, because if they die… they won’t be there for you to stalk!

Swimming inside the human mind is too much for a Saturday blog.

I’m just glad I’m not a celebrity.

  1. heh.
    theres are too many sicko’s out there.
    and they can be pretty much brutal than what you think.
    and yes, there are stalkers who kills ~the celeb~ to be one with them.

    a nut job.

    a case of add perhaphs

    and i sooo dont know you and yodee are dating~~
    i thought you guys are just messing.
    and i thought hes in ny

    im confused. lol

  2. sneaks, no we didn’t mess with you head, we’re dating indeed 🙂 how come you have just realized this now? the clues are all over the place hahah

  3. you thought im in ny? ok sneaky, let’s play a game… the game called “where’s yodee at” hahah. So this is how the game should be played, everyday you guess where I am and I will tell you if you’re correct… i might drop a hint or two for ya 😉

  4. sneaky… so where do you think I am? NY or somewhere else??? let’s play a game shall we, the game is called “where’s yodee at”. this is how it works: everyday you have to guess where I am, and i’d tell you if you’re correct… and i might drop a hint or two 🙂

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