Saturday Night at New York

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2006 at 3:33 am

No no, not another silly fantasy of becoming a rich tai tai.

This really happened.

I have been to Europe and the United States in my teens.  This was a luxury of having a dad who worked for the Indonesian flag carrier as a cabin crew.  He used to take me places when I was little up to high school.  I’ve almost never spent school holidays in Jakarta as I was always away for a holiday trip with Dad or Mom or both, visiting countries far away or neighboring towns and islands around Jakarta.

Well tonight I was faced with my long absence from the traveling world.  You see, I stopped traveling regularly in my college days as I was always busy with school work and at that time, I found that there’s no other place better on earth than Bandung.  So I was trapped in my comfort zone for quite a LONG time.

Now I am dating a New Yorker (I still think of him as one even though he doesn’t live there anymore) who always gets starry eyed whenever he talks about the Big Apple.  I’ve only been to LA in my traveling days, doing what most tourists do: looking for celebrities’ houses, visiting The Universal Studios, Disneyland in Anaheim and stuff.  Well, when you are ten years old in 1989, that was pretty much what you are interested in.

But time changes and the New York invasion came to Indonesian TV.  I fell in love with the idea of a city such as New York when I saw “Friends” for the first time in 1995.  Then came Seinfeld, and finally the Sex and The City era.  I was mesmerized, thinking “I should go there one day.”  I felt like I knew every corner of Manhattan through those shows… until tonight.

I was lying in my boyfriend’s arms, watching an early Will & Grace episode on DVD.  Will was proposing an apartment for Grace in SoHo and NoHo.  I wrinkled my eyebrows and asked the New Yorker who was hugging me from behind.

“Bebe, what’s NoHo?  I’ve heard about SoHo.  But NoHo?”
“NoHo is North Houston, sweetie.  It’s an area in Manhattan.”
“Oh?  Gee I thought they were joking.  So, NoHo is North Houston, and SoHo is South Houston?”
“Uh huh.”
“Is Manhattan really an island or are people just saying it like it’s a metaphor?”
“It is an island, baby.”
“REALLY?  So it’s surrounded by an ocean?”

By this time, I had already turned around, facing my boyfriend.  He was thoughtful for a moment and said:

“Well you see… New York consists of several islands.  But there are the main islands.  There’s the Manhattan island, the Staten island, Long island and Bronx which is located in the mainland.”
“You mean… Manhattan is detached from the mainland???”
“Uh huh.  Well, it’s only separated by a huge river, as they call it.  But yes, it is detached from the mainland.”
“WOW, that is some information!”
“And there is a small island called the Roosevelt island located in between the Long island and the Manhattan island, the Roosevelt island is considered to be part of Manhattan”

My guy gave me a crash course on New York, and I feel that I have to update my geographical knowledge.  But then I asked him some really stupid questions.  Excuse my ignorance, but I’d rather seem stupid than be a smart ass.

“Where’s Florida?”
“That’s a whole different state, sweetie.  It’s down south”
“Is it far from New York?”
“It is.”
“What about Ohio?”
“Ohio is also far from New York”
“Hey what’s the fiftieth state of the US?”
“Not so sure.  Maybe Alaska?”
“ALASKA?  It’s in the US territory?  Really?”
“Yes, sweetheart”
“Is it really cold up there in Alaska?”
“I guess so.  Never been there.”
“Hey Hawaii isn’t attached to the mainland either!”
“Yes sweetie.”
“But Hawaii has nice beaches.  Does New York have nice beaches too?”
“Mostly ports, bebe.  They don’t have those sorts of beaches in New York”
“Why?  Hey, what about Coney Island?”
“They have a dirty beach, but I’ve never been there.”

I am really glad that he didn’t dump me after my series of silly questions.  It ended really well…

“Bebe, promise me one thing”
“Take me to New York one day”
“I promise, sweetie.”

Now that’s not a New Yorker talking.  That’s my very own Pamulang-resident finishing the sentence with a wide smile, a huge smooch on my lips and drew me into his arms ever so lovingly.


  1. do you want to stop by there on our honeymoon trip?

  2. anywhere with you is fine, sweets… as long as you don’t mind me asking silly questions along the way 🙂


  3. Sweet, so sweet I am green with envy .. 😀
    Naah .. the sparkles of happiness is so real that I can feel it from here.

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