Why The Hell…

In Daily Annoyance, Silly Posts on December 1, 2006 at 4:47 pm

… do people type lIkE ThIS? DOn’T tHEy FiNd iT dIFficUlt? AnD iSn’T iT sLOwEr To TYpe tHiS WaY???

… don’t people use the fucking spell checker anymore?

… do people type ‘their’ when they are referring to ‘there’ and ‘there’ when they are referring to ‘they’re’?

Oh well, too much Friendster and Yahoo Answer-ing on a lazy Friday is bad karma.

  1. I agree. ThE gOOfY TyPing thing is extremely annoying and I tend to skip those sites. It’s too hard to look at. While I can’t stand poor spelling (like there for their) I can at least understand it a little. I hate making typos and spelling errors myself, though.

  2. i make typos adn spelling errors… but you know what I hate the most, I hate it when people type in capital to emphasize something…
    “it’s MY bag”

  3. pEOple who TYpE lIKe ThiS R uSuaLLy AZn tEenager hahahaha

  4. see it is annoying, isn’t it Herb?
    while emphasizing isn’t annoying. it is to create a ‘tone’ in the writing.

    ah why should i care, it’s MY writing! lol

  5. It’s a global phenomena, which we call ‘Breezah’-slang. Breezah refers to the alcohol-pop Bacardi Breezer, wildly popular under the teenager population of my home-country. I think it’s a global thing, and I am pretty sure that after a certain age these kids will think it’s ‘not cool anymore’ to write in such a childish way.

    BTW thanks for your comment on my blog. There seems to be a lot of people that read along but not leaving comments. I am sure you know what I talk about, you seem to get pretty much traffic as well (about 90% of your readers is usually passive). You have a clean design, I’ll add you to the ‘read list’ and track your blog for a while. It seems like you work in a field that has my attention; media, right?

  6. now that’s what i call a thorough explanation. thanks Sam 🙂

    thanks for adding me, i hope you don’t mind if i add your website in my blogroll here too. oh, and by the way, the design isn’t mine. it came from wordpress, designed by Ben Gray. one of the nicest template ever made in blogging world, i think.

    so you’re Dutch eh? i’ve been to Amsterdam twice and i really liked the place. it’s the only place in Europe where you can easily find sambal goreng tempe and rice. yum.

  7. i used to think it was cute, like 5-6 yrs ago. but now seeing my lil cousins’ sms with that kind of writing. plus singkatan2 engga jelas, i admit that im getting old haha. it’s tiresome :S

  8. the only place in the world where yo can smoke pot… aahhhhh

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