And The Cheapo Speaks

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A 28 year-old girl
Single <– AND taken -there, Bebe.  What I meant to write was:  I am single but involved in a serious relationship with somebody I really love.

That’s me.

According to a very shallow research done by none other than moi and my best friend, demographically, I should be one of those avid Mangga Dua shopper. You know, those who sneer when spotting somebody like me strutting around in new Plaza Senayan-purchased shoes. “You can have those EXACT shoes at half price in Mangga Dua,” is their famous catchphrase.

I have always been intrigued to check out what those people are talking about, but I guess I’m just too lazy to wake up early on weekends and put that much effort to drive to the famous shopping place. So I made up some lines to defend my Plaza Senayan-ish shopping behavior whenever I came across the oh-so-familiar comments.
“Well, this price might seem outrageous, but think about it: if you add the ‘cheap’ prices with gas and parking, you’ll end up paying the same thing”


“I don’t fancy carrying much cash around, and in Mangga Dua they don’t accept debit cards and the ATMs are impossible” -not that I know about them being possible.


“I like paying for luxury than effort”


“They don’t have my size. I’m European in terms of fashion” -not that I’m THAT fat, but face it, I am among those who have to visit the fitting room whenever the purchase of clothing happens and I also am NOT those who can simply take the size 38 display shoe off the rack and try ’em on as I might. My feet is beautifully sized 41 -and there is NOTHING wrong with troubling the sales assistants to find my size and end up with buying nothing after trying 5 different shoes on because I just changed my mind! Hence the shopping at respectable shopping centers, buying respectable brands applies to me.

Things worked out well until about last August when I spotted a really cool dress worn by a model in the show I’m working on. I came up to her and asked coyly, “That’s a nice dress. Where did the wardrobe departement borrow it from?” She smiled and twirled in front of me, “Nice eh? It’s mine. The sucky wardrobe people won’t even know where to find this… I got it in Mangga Dua”

I was expecting Zara or XSML for an answer so jaw-dropped and with immense curiosity, I began to inspect the seams and very thoroughly checked for missed details. And as much as I willed it to have at least one flaw, I found none.

“This is really good! How much did you pay for it? Sorry, but I really am curious”

I thought for a while. The similar thing in Zara would cost about seven hundred-ish. So with the known theory of getting half-price for everything in Mangga Dua, I assumed it was half-price.

“Three hundred and fifty?”

She shook her head, still smiling and wider, “Guess again”

I studied her wide smile, figuring that it must be a bit lower than the price I said before.

“Two hundred?”

“Omigod, Miund, you’ve never been to that place have you? I got this for a mere fifty!”

Okay, that’s it. That burst my bubbles.

When I got home, I called Wenni and dug out as much information as possible about these so-called ‘bargain shopping places’ around the city. Wenni, being her systematic self, explained me in such fashion that it got me into the embarassment point:

I’ve been born and raised in Jakarta, yet now a Bandung native recites her knowledge about Jakarta’s shopping places… fluently! Dang. As we say in Indonesian: kemana aja lo Und….???

Spent September in a chaotic workplace turbulence, October with the laying low of Ramadan and November in a MORE chaotic work atmosphere, I hereby declare that December would be the time where I would strongly try the cheaper shopping scene.

I’ve schemed the plan since the beginning of this week, so this Sunday me and Tiyas will explore the new shopping experience with our tour guide Wenni. Actually I’ve done some ITC-ish shopping with Tiyas, but it wasn’t a real experience as the prices are not much of a diff than those found at Southern Jakarta malls. Wenni says if I want to still stay in the South and purchase cheap but good stuff, then I should go to Melawai.

See, I get goosebumps at the thought of being in such crowd and fighting with some women over a piece of tank top.

But I’ve made up my mind, and yes, I am braving myself to go to Melawai, Mal Ambassador and on to the Northern part of the city where the famous Mangga Dua lies. My capri pants are at stand-by mode, a tote bag with secure zippers is ready, a comfy tank top is yearning to be worn, black rubber flip flops from Project Shop are also there ready to roam into the madness and my wallet with my beloved ATM card is tucked in neatly inside the tote bag with secure zippers.

Now all I have to do is finding an ATM (in the South where everything IS possible) to get some cash for our shopping and the busway fare.

Yeah, busway. If you all think I’m gonna drive to those places, you are out of your mind.

  1. is christmas not that huge in indo?
    right now here in philippines prices soar high.
    even on places like manga dua or soo..
    philippines celebrate christmas and gift giving to the bones.
    prices double on everything. even the food.

  2. christmas is only huge in malls. other places, it’s the same thing. indo’s a declared muslim country nowadays, so we passed the soaring-high prices just a month ago when the muslims celebrates the eid.

    hm, you got me thinking: i should buy my christmas gifts when i’m at mangga dua. yeah that would probably be a good idea compared to last year when i did last minute shopping in plaza senayan. imagine the giftwrapping cost almost doubled the price of the gift itself. crazy morons.


  3. gift wrapping can be a good part time business huh? i wish i thought of it first. …)

  4. soooo…. you’re single now, huh? i see.

  5. there there… i’ve corrected the ‘single’ part. i love you more than anything, sweetie 🙂

  6. hm. sometimes i dont get if you guys are playing trick on my head. lol

  7. lol sneaky! we’re not playing tricks. it’s called the lovers lingo. hahahahaha!!

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