A Male-Only Post

In Uncategorized on November 18, 2006 at 2:29 am

I used to ignore those chain posts and emails with superstitious air. But now that I’ve got the love of my life, I just couldn’t afford to take any risks. Besides, this one I got from Friendster is really how us girls think whenever we do these sort of stuff. I added my own personal comments in Italic. Note to single guys who are in the courting process… this might help you out -or you should ask my man, because he sure knows when, where and how to do these things 😉

When I run away from you, follow me… – True. Don’t ever ‘just stand there’, dimwits. Run after us, especially when we’re crying.
When I pout my lips, kiss me… – Yes. This works wonders!
When I kick, hug me tight… – Only to be done after protecting the family jewels.
When I call you crazy, I’m crazy about you… – Yes, because if you’re really crazy, we won’t call you. We’ll call the police.
When I am silent, I’m thinking of how to say I love you… – Or maybe we’re just having our PMS.
When I ignore you, I want all your attention… – Oh so true.
When I pull away, grab me by the waist and tell me you’ll never let me go… – My man does this all the time and it never fails 🙂
When you see me at my worst, tell me I’m beautiful… – Again, never fails. But if you do love the girl you’re with, you don’t have to read this. You’ll say it out of instinct, because she’ll look beautiful to you no matter what.
When I scream at you, tell me you love me… – Not necessarily true, but sometimes it works.
When you see me walking, sneak up behind me and rest your head on my shoulder – Only do this with a girl you KNOW. Otherwise, you’ll be called a stalker.
If I don’t call you, I’m waiting by the phone for your call… – Yes. Because we’re the girls. We don’t want to seem agressive while some of us may be are!
When I’m scared, hold me by the waist… – And draw us to your chest so we’ll feel protected. Again, one thing my man does utterly well 😉
When I look like something’s bothering me, kiss me and tell me everything will be alright… – Works like a charm… ALL THE TIME!
While I hold your hands, play with my fingers… – Sure, why not?

No you don’t need to repost this. It’s not a chain post or anything… but if you spare some time to read this, luck may come upon you in the love department. Haha!

Yodee, my darling bebe… you don’t need to read this because you are the best already 🙂 I love you!

  1. wait, you used to ignore?? why dont you keep it that way hehehe. i am the best only because im dating the best :

  2. like i said bebe, can’t take any risks of losing you. not even ones coming from silly chain emails and stupid chain posts. i take loving YOU seriously. 🙂

  3. chain posts suck!! chain posts suck!! they fill up my inbox

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