Curing Insomnia, My Way

In Imagination Gone Amok on November 16, 2006 at 2:38 am

Oh well, here I am feeling so fucking bored.

I was up late last night, yes that goddamn insomnia again, and I decided to call my best friend Wenni. She sounded so very sleepy and I only said this to her: “Get yourself ready, no need to pack. My driver will pick you up and we’re going to Singapore. Bye.” Twenty minutes later, we were seated comfortably on my dad’s jet. “Miund, what are we going to do there?” Wenni asked. I sipped my hot chocolate, stared out the plane window and shrugged. “Whatever. I’m bored with Jakarta.”

So we landed at about 11 p.m. and I told the limo driver to drive us to Arab Street. “I’m in the mood for Shisha,” I explained to Wenni who was cringing when she heard where we were going. The driver, too, had a concerned look in his eyes… but obliged to the order.

“You know, I have to work tomorrow,” Wenni said with a hint of worry in her tone. I thought for a moment and quietly dialled a number, “Hi. Yeah it’s me. Just calling to tell you that Wenni won’t be able to come to work tomorrow. She’s now with me in Singapore. Uh huh. I know you’d understand. Thanks mate!” I hung up and looked at my best friend who, by now, was glaring at me. “All taken care of,” I said calmly. “Miund, you can’t always do this to me you know. People are starting to talk at the office…” she said with gritted teeth. I puffed on my shisha, “They talk and what? Tell me what they’re gonna do? Fire you?” I chuckled. Wenni looked at me in the eyes, “No they won’t, but they will hate me for sure. And I’m guessing they already are.” I sipped on my tea, puffed on my shisha and threw a smirk, “So what? Those people aren’t your friends anyway. I am! And mind you, I own that company. So I decide. Geez Wenni, I’ve been telling you this for like a thousand times now. Can’t you just let it go?”

My baby called in the middle of our conversation.

“Hi babe. Whatcha doin’?”
“Hi I’m at Arab Street, smoking shisha with Wenni…”
“Again? Bebe, do you even realize what time it is over there?”
“I do. Why?”
“I believe your physician told you to get some rest”
“Yeah but I couldn’t. That’s why I’m here”
“You know, some people just take sleeping pills and actually try to sleep to cure insomnia”
“Well I’m not some people. I need my shisha.”
“They have decent shisha places in Kemang, Bebe.”
“Well I’m bored with Jakarta. Why don’t you join me here? I’ll send somebody to pick you up”
“Naah. It’s too late. I’m still working. Besides, we’ll have Paris this weekend. You go have fun with Wenni”
“Okay then. Talk to you later”
“Love you, sweetie. Easy on the shisha and the shopping”
“A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, baby. Nite. I love you more”

The next day, Wenni and I had brunch at Orchard and as we walked past Borders, we thought of Tiyas. I immediately reached for my cell.

“Yas? Hey girl, I’m sending a car over to your place. Yeah in Singapore again. Yeah with Wenni. You’ll join us by three o’clock? Great. Oh um, just meet us up at Chjimes. There’ll be a car for you at the airport. Great. See ya!”

Wenni and I did our shopping spree. But I was still bored to the bones. We were at Calvin Klein and I remember saying something like, “I just bought this yesterday. Omigod, Singapore is as boring as Jakarta. We should’ve gone to Tokyo last night!” Wenni nodded in agreement, “Yeah. These are so fucking last season. Hey I’m in the mood for coffee. Shall we?”

After what felt like a zillion glasses of coffee, Tiyas finally arrived. “What’s the emergency?” she asked with worried eyes. I smiled, “Nothing. It’s just that I feel like going here and give you this. Go crazy.” I stuffed some bills and gift certificates to her bag. She looked at it with disbelief and after a moment of examining what I gave her, she looked at me with wide eyes and a huge smile: “REALLY?? TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of CASH and a THOUSAND DOLLARS of GIFT CERTIFICATES from BORDERS? OMIGOD! Miund, you’re just the best!” She hugged me. I hugged her back, “Hey, Wenni got her shopping spree already. Now I’m going back to Jakarta and you girls stay as long as you want. Stay at the mansion. Just call me when you get back, ok?”

*Hm… and people say being rich means being LONELY AND UNHAPPY? That rich-living simulation above looked perfectly happy to me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oh man. Glad I got the imagination out of my head. Otherwise I’d go crazy, unable to work, get fired and become really poor. How strangely ironic.

  1. people who say “money is not everything” or “money won’t make you happy” are just sad people who have never experienced the pleasure of having it… *wink*

  2. that makes sense. you know, i want to feel how it’s like to actually do all the stuff i wrote up there. my friend said rich people buy their friends because deep down inside they feel lonely. you know, i want to see my friends at odd hours too and that’s not because i’m lonely, i just want to see them and chat and laugh! and if i have the luxury, i won’t think twice to use it to get my friends together any time i want! now can THAT be categorized as an UNHAPPY and LONELY life? i guess NOT!

    or maybe i’m not yet rich and lonely enough? haha!! obviously!

  3. rich people buy friends, nothing is wrong with that. people buy friends. some people buy their friends with their ability to make them laugh, some buy friends with their charm and rich people…. they buy their friends with money. and it’s all good 🙂

  4. i should’ve done this last night :p

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