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I’ve been busy these days.

The most phenomenal thing happened on Friday, when my boss took me to visit a friend of his:  a renowned Indonesian photographer.  I’ve always liked looking at pictures and being artistically photographed, and this guy has been in my fantasy for years now.  No dirty or sexual fantasy.  Just the thing I imagined now and then:

“If I have a private photographer, that would be AWESOME!”

I know it’s sick, but ever since the pre-wedding photography trend started to set in our society, I’ve always admired how fantastic it is to be photographed in your most natural pose -read: not posing at all, AND I’ve always dreamed to go on a vacation in an exotic place with my loved one and get wonderful artistic pictures by a pro.

So anyway, back to the impromptu visit to the photographer’s lair…

My boss was accompanied by me and two of my co-workers.  I found out later that the photographer invited him over for a friendly barbecue dinner, to get reunited with ad-agency people he worked with a couple of months back.

When we got there, nobody arrived yet.  There were just the guy and his girlfriend.  After a brief introduction, me and my co-workers started roaming around the huge house, admiring his work that adorned the walls.  And almost all of them were nude photographs.

“I want to be photographed nude,” I announced to my co-workers.

They looked at me with disbelief and laughed.

“Laugh as much as you want.  I’m going nude and he’s going to take my picture,” I said stubbornly.

Thanks to my so-called ‘announcement’, I was the joke of the night.  Oh well… I didn’t mind.  The legendary man behind the camera himself invited me to visit his studio sometime, and said -I’m sure he’s just trying to be polite- that he would take my pictures ANY WAY I want.  Ha.

Now back to my fantasy.

I’ve always wanted to see how I look when I’m doing everyday stuff.   You know, in meetings, working, typing, driving, laughing… being nobody else.  Just being me.  I once discussed this with some friends and apparently most of them want a photographer of their own too!  See, it’s not about narcissism or anything.  It’s about wanting to go “outside” your body once in a while, and taking a good look of yourself on camera.  And this, my friends, is only achievable if one has one’s own professional photographer.  For he or she can capture the truest moments in our lives with tasteful output.

“You know, it would be fun to have our own papparazzi”
“Yeah, it would be so cool”
“I know.  What could be more awesome than reviewing your day literally.  Through pictures!”

See, this is a picture of my boyfriend I took last night when we were waiting in line to get our sushi dinner at Sushi Tei Plaza Senayan.

I always see things in black and white. Until he came into my life.

In my opinion, people are just too embarassed to say that they like seeing themselves captured on camera.  What’s the embarassement all about?  If I can take pictures of me every day, I would.  But I guess it would be hard to carry tripods everywhere I go and I would be so very conscious of a camera around me that I’d pose unnaturally.

Therefore I need Darwis Triadi to take my pictures.

Oops!  I said his name.  Haha!

  1. hey i just realized that ‘posing naturally’ is an oxymoron!

    hm. how moronic.

  2. […] a personal photographer following me everywhere and documenting things I do as I once explained here.  Now that being said, I start to think that pre-wedding pictures are just made out of the excuse […]

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