A Very Cultured Day

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2006 at 10:02 pm

I spent a day with Tiyas yesterday.  We went for a much-needed sushi lunch, then she bought some CDs, did some groceries and I paid all my bills this month.  Yes, a huge “PHEW” because there isn’t anything I dread more than late bills and warnings.  Anyway, after it’s all done, we went to an old friend’s house.  My good friend Mr. J.  He invited me to watch Stanley Kubrick’s works a few days earlier, but as I was busy looking after the house -oh how glorious it was to have the maid away on vacay-, I promised him to drop by his place and go with the Kubrick marathon on Thursday.  So me and Tiyas did.

I’ve never known J as the person who watches DVD.  He’s more of a person who’d rather paint or do something productive on his day offs.  Turned out I was right:  he didn’t change.  The man had just received a free DVD player and got himself a special edition of Kubrick’s best works from Europe.  “No pirated DVDs.  I hate piracy,” he used to say to me.

So after a grand tour of his new place, we settled down to watch the maestro’s works.  There was only a teeny tiny problem:  J hadn’t unloaded the DVD player.  So after a few minutes of installing the new thing and attached it to the TV, we were ready.  I put “Lolita” into the player… and waited for the menu to appear on screen.  A text appear and it said “Check Regional Code”.

Me:  “Hey it’s not working!”
J:  “It should be working.  It’s new.”
Me:  “Yeah I know, but we have to check the regional code.  God knows what it means”
Tiyas:  “Let’s see the manual book.”

Tiyas read the manual book and I tried pressing every button on the remote just to get things going, but nothing happened.  And then I remembered something.

Me:  “You know, you got these in Europe, right?”
J:  “Yeah.  So?”
Me:  “The regional code is different.  You see, not all players are compatible with the DVDs.  I rarely watch originals but I think that’s the problem.”
J:  “So what’s the code of the player then?”
Tiyas:  “It’s code 3 according to the book”
J:  “And what’s the DVD’s code?”
Me:  “It’s 2.  See, maybe that’s why it’s not compatible.”
J:  “Seriously?  Well 2 is usually better than 3, you know”

We laughed at our own silliness.  That’s what you get when you mix people who watch only original DVDs and pirated DVD fans.  Nobody’s really sure what was going on.   After a few more minutes of trying, we gave up.  Tiyas made J look for other things to watch and he ended up with two VCDs.  The Phantom of The Opera and The Merchant of Venice.

Me:  “The Merchant of Venice!  I wanna watch that!”
J:  “Okay.  Hey why don’t you take the Kubricks home and try to play it on your player.  See if it works, because I watched Clockwork Orange at the hotel I stayed yesterday and it worked.”
Me:  “Are you sure, though?  My DVD player’s brand is PIONEER, imagine how ancient it is being THE pioneer”
J:  “Whatever.”

So we watched the Shakespeare tale with J as my Shakespearian translator.  And yes, stupid comments were thrown as usual by me.  I just can’t help it.
Me:  “Why do they have to travel in such a large group so he had to borrow money?”
J:  “Because he’s rich.”
Me:  “If he’s rich, why should he borrow any money at all?  How cheap can he get?”

And another…

Me:  “You know, now I’m convinced that this guy IS rich even though he borrowed money”
J:  “Why?”
Me:  “If he’s not, he won’t be able to get those people in his entourage to wear those ugly tights”

And another…

Me:  “That’s AL PACINO!”
J:  “Where have you been?”
Me:  “I’m sorry, I’ve been too busy looking at Jeremy Irons.  He’s YUM!”

And another…

Me:  “Hmmpppffftttt…”
J:  “What?”
Me:  “Nothing, I just remembered a spoof of Shakespearian play in some comedy movie”

If I were J, I’d kick me out of the house.

Anyway, we had dinner and  watched another very cultured movie titled The Picture of Dorian Gray.  The leading man reminded me a lot of Matt Damon and that guy from Queer as Folk who played Justin.  The story gave me the creeps.

We ended the night with a very funny story from Madonna’s latest book:  Lotsa de Casha.  I found out that I’m not a bad children book story-reader.  Ha.

Oh well.  It was really fun 🙂

Thanks for the dinner and ice cream, J.  You’re just the best!

  1. what’s Lotsa de Casha, soounds interesting i wanna see it

  2. is that the childrens book madonna wrote?

    you must be fun to be with. with all that side comments and all. hahahaha.

    if i were j i wont kick you out of the house. dang. dvd’s i love those bunch. pirated or not.


  3. Lotsa De Casha is Madonna’s latest children book. I love The English Roses. the illustration is FAB. but Lotsa De Casha is very different! you should read it… OUT LOUD. it’s hilarious yet educating.

    sneaks, i might be fun to be with from time to time, but only very few people are amused by my antics. most human beings see me as a weirdo. hahahahaaa…

    j didn’t kick me out of his house. in fact, he fed me and tiyas too much pan-fried mushrooms and served ice cream as dessert. the guy really knows how to torture girls who are trying to watch their weights. hahahahaha!!

  4. hahaha. looks like the guy also knows how to win someone elses heart too.. ^-^

    i still think your fun though.

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