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I thank God greatly for everything He had given me throughout the years. My birthday thank you post is in Indonesian, for I am still one, and it’s all here.

Now I want to take a look on my progress for the past seven years.

20th birthday: Got a steady boyfriend, got more serious academically
21th birthday: Ecstatic because finally able to drink legally
22th birthday: Strived hard to excel at school
23th birthday: Graduated, got first job which lasted three full months and got introduced to all the glitz and glamor of entertainment life
24th birthday: Arrogant ass, got debut writing for TV series
25th birthday: Career started to bloom, relationship went down the drain -oh well.
26th birthday: In love with work, not caring for companionship almost at all. Spent year mostly depressed and tired.
27th birthday: Started moving to the next level -workwise-, started wanting balance in love and life again. Spent year in own mind’s turbulence.

And now…

28th birthday: In love with Mr. Right, finally finding balance in work, love and life… but still wanting more. Realizes 1 crucial fact: Human beings are never going to be satisfied. Trying hard to be thankful for the NOW. -and guesses that it’s really working 🙂
Well I guess there are improvements though not so significant to some people. To me, it’s enough.

My boss called to wish me a happy birthday when I got home.

“Happy Birthday.”
“Thanks man.”
“So, feeling old yet?”
“No. But I’m kinda worried.”
“About what? You’re 28 now, right? You’re still young.”
“Yeah. I know. Compared to you, I am. But still I’m worried.”
“See, I’ll only have one more year in my twenties. I don’t think I’m ready to ditch the ‘2’ in my upcoming ages and replace it with a ‘3’. You know what I’m saying?”
“Yeah. But being in your thirties is gonna be fun too. Trust me. Am there and still doing it. You’ll have a ball.”
“Stop it, you’re scaring me. I’m not even 29!”
“You’re gonna be. Next year. Haha!”
“Oh grow up.”

Men in their thirties just love to scare us young fabulous girls. They should know that age only matters if you’re cheese or wine. Therefore, although 28 is REALLY far from 8, here’s a poem I suspect will look like it’s written by a third-grader. Here goes…

It’s so great, it’s so special
When there’s no need for approval
To be wild, to be free
On just one day, be crazy
Nobody will try to stop you
From jumping around or being blue
Because they know it’s the day
Where you are really concerned
About your hair turning grey

So my friends, let’s be merry
Before I turn really wary
Uncork the champagne and cut the cake
Who cares if it’s only half-baked
Because today I’ll turn looney,
And rescue me please oh please
Before I go all corny
And sing to myself: Happy Birthday to me!

Get me my dear and we’ll dance a polka
I’ll take beer and I’ll take vodka
But if I’m wasted, promise me if you will…
Hail me a cab and pay for the bill!

I like rhyming. So what. It’s my birthday. YAY!

  1. happy birthday, baby

  2. i hardly understand what you wrote on your other blog but…

    ~happy birthday~

  3. thank you sneaky 😀

    and thank you, my baby. i’m gonna sleep wearing your present(s). HAHA!

  4. happy birthday, gal, and congrats! you surely got wiser each year!

  5. happy birthday, Ms. Asmara, my inspiring girl !.

  6. happy beltzdayyyyy..

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