Sugar Coated Sh*t

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Living in a country (supposedly) containing hospitable people, one might expect courteous behavior from those working as customer service staffs. And when one gets such (courteous behavior), one should really know how to handle it. Otherwise, one will be overwhelmed by the overdosed sugar content. I learned that a couple of nights ago, when I had to call my ADSL provider to file a complaint.

“Hi, I can’t seem to connect to the internet. Is there something wrong?”
“Very well, miss. May I know who I’m speaking to?”
“I’m Asmara”
“Miss Asmara, I regret to inform you that there is actually a problem in our international portal access. However you can still access local websites.”
“I am aware of that, Sir. See, that’s why I’m calling you.”
“Yes, Miss Asmara. It is currently under our service.”
“How long will it take? I have an important e-mail to send. Very urgent. And my mail provider is Yahoo”
“I regret to inform you that we can’t predict when it’s going to be fixed. You can wait, though.”
“Yes, but if I am waiting for something, I want to know how long I’ll be waiting. Otherwise I’ll just waste my time, won’t I?”
“Yes Miss. Well we are sorry for not being able to inform you… but we are doing the best we can.”
“How can you do the best you can while all you do since about three minutes ago is talking to me?”
“Well, our technical support team is handling the problem”
“And what IS the problem?”
“The problem is, Miss, the international gateway can’t be accessed. But the local ones can.”

Jesus Christ.

“Yes. I am aware or that. My question is: What caused the international gateway to be inaccessible, and how long will it approximately take to be fixed?”
“We will check with our technical support team on that, Miss. And we really can’t tell how long before the problem is resolved.”
“Let me make your job easier. Do you have any number for me to contact your ‘technical support team’ so that I can ask them myself? You aren’t being helpful at all, you know.”
“I regret to tell you this, Miss, but there is no number available to contact our technical support team.” He sounded exasperated.
“No number to contact them? How do you know that they are even DOING their job if you don’t contact these people??”
“We have data connectivity, Miss.”
“Okay, go to your data connectivity thing and ask them NOW: When is the international gateway problem going to be resolved?”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Miss.”

This conversation was going nowhere, so I decided to just go on and see how long it was before he blew his fuses. Yeah, my bad. I hated myself for having done it but I was so frustrated.

“Look, how long have you work in customer service?”
“One year, Miss.”
“And do you really know how a customer service staff should do?”
“We take care of our customers, Miss.”
“Great. And I think you haven’t been taking care of my needs.”
“I explained the problem, Miss.”
“Try me again. Tell me exactly what problem we’re having here.”
“Well, for the time being, you won’t be able to access the international gateway.”
“It is still under our technical team’s care, Miss.”
“No. No. Answer me. Because?”
“Why don’t you wait for about half an hour and if there is no progress, you can call us back.”
“Dude, you just won’t admit that you have no idea in the world on what’s really going on now, do you?”
“Well I…”
“Admit it. You don’t know what’s wrong.”
“I don’t, Miss.”
“Then why do you keep trying to explain things as if I am the one who’s the moron here?”
“That is not my intention, Miss.”
“You’re not allowed to say ‘I don’t know’ right?”
“Yes Miss.”
“And you’ve been trying to lie to me, correct?”
“I haven’t Miss… I only said… well…”
“You know, you shouldn’t be a customer service staff.”
“I’m really sorry for your trouble, Miss. But I assure you our team is working on it”
“You can’t assure me. You don’t even know whether they’re working or not.”

Moral of the story: how hard is it to say “I don’t know”?

Call me demanding, call me juvenile. All I wanted to know was the truth. And if you can’t give truth, you shouldn’t be saying other stuff to divert attention, or worse, cover your ignorance.

If customer is King, in my case the other night, customer is King and the customer service is Krap. And his attempt to explain the inexplicable can be your average sugar coated sh*t to shut you up and take your rights away as the King, might be called Krispy Krap.

  1. y’all wanna know the internet provider she’s talking about? holla me 🙂

  2. i called them too and yelled at them some more…. my job depends on them for God sake and they did not fulfill what theyve promised us, the customers… 24/7 online and sh*t… well 24/7 my as*! they are so not professional

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