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In Questions, Reviews on October 16, 2006 at 4:15 pm

I introduced myself to Yahoo! Answers today and boy, was I amused.

Whoever thought of this idea in the first place must be a genius… or, like me, they had thousands of -some might think- silly questions that needed to be answered just for the sake of it. It reminded me to post of some of my silly and embarrassing questions I had when I was little. But because I used up my asking quota for the day, I have put some of those questions here and go back there tomorrow. Here goes…

1. Why do adults grow hair under their armpits? Does it tickle?
2. Who really invented night and day?
3. Why is there such thing as Mathemathics?
4. Why are all teachers scary?
5. Why do vegetables taste funny?
6. Why do some people really NEED to spit?
7. If doctors are great, aren’t the people who invented stethoscopes even greater?
8. Why do nurses have to wear those tiny hair accessory in her head? Does it do anything at all?
9. Who invented languages? Who was the first translator ever?
10. Who invented cigarettes?
11. If smoking kills, shouldn’t the inventor of cigarettes and his/her descendants be punished?
12. Why do adults forbid children to utter dirty words when they knew that children would eventually say it anyway when they grow up?
13. What is so wrong with eating cookies before dinner?
14. Why wouldn’t parents check for monsters under their children’s beds?
15. Why do people say “It’s okay” the most in the worst ‘not okay’ situations?
16. Why do people have to have jobs?
17. What exactly do people do in ‘meetings’?
18. Why can’t we eat candy when we have a cough?

Ok, I have to stop now otherwise I won’t sleep.

Kudos to Yahoo! Answers.

  1. why do men have nipples? … you left that one out 😉

  2. right. WHY DO THEY?

  3. i think it is an unfinished evolution. i think in next thousand years men will have no nipples… and of corse women will still have nipples otherwise these nipple-less men wont be attracted to women

  4. hum. that strangely makes sense. actually i’m kind of familiar with those niple-less men and women. i used to have a lot of barbie and ken dolls when i was little.

    whoa, this brought a new ponder: why is it that we always see the jiggling boobies openly in some television, while the nipples are “starred” or “blocked in black” as a form of censorship? does this mean that nipples are the elements that would turn somebody on instead of the ENTIRE boob? thus the nipple-less barbie and ken?

    they should’ve covered the entire chest area to censor stuff. because starred or not starred, we know what’s behind it and it’s not going to be a huge surprise!

    what is so wrong with nipples anyway?

  5. nipples are sexy,,,havent u heard

  6. oh and the jiggly boobs are NOT? 😀

  7. pfffttt I CAN jiggle my boobs, no need to turn on the television to see that… hehehe

  8. ok let’s be a bit more creative… why do women need to breast feed the baby, why can’t men do that part. I mean women have to give birth to the baby, that’s painful enough, why don’t they take turns?? then men would have boobies. Then there’d be one less silly question from me 🙂

  9. wow, i didn’t know THAT!

    so help me God

  10. oh shut up.. you KNEW that

  11. no i didn’t. you being all sexy, i know.

    as for jiggling, NO!

  12. no actually im lying, i CAN’T jiggle my boobs, for there are no boobies can be jiggled on my body. but nipples yes i do have them, and they’re not jiggle-able 🙂

  13. sweetie,
    we’re starting to sound like really old married couple. :D:D:D

  14. we’re not even married… and we’re not even old. but i know we will be both someday… one will be sooner then another 😉

  15. okay, you managed to shut me up there 🙂

    love you, baby!

  16. haha.

    hilarious conversation.

    it’s nice you finally thought of making english blog. im ganna link both of your indo and english blog, ayt?


  17. link away sneaks! so nice of you to have dropped by 😉

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